Career Opportunities for PMP® Certified Professionals

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A recent PwC survey states that certified PMP project managers handle more than three fourth of the high performing projects. Also, companies with more than one-third PMP certified managers have much better project success than companies which do not. What’s more? PMP is the fifth highest-paying certification in the year 2016. Sounds important enough? If it does, the following question is should you get PMP certified? Before we explore this question in this article, let us first understand what PMP stands for.

What is a PMP certification? 

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally recognized professional certification. It is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a US non-profit professional organization. A well recognized and respected credential, PMP is considered crucial for the project managers. Especially, for those who wish to take the next step in their career.

How does a PMP® certification help you bag an amazing job?

Having a PMP® certification under your belt surely opens the doors to new career opportunities. If you are managing large and complex projects, a PMP® certification helps you to learn how to plan, manage, and monitor progress leading towards meeting your goals with optimized utilization of time and resources. The role of PMP® certification in helping you to develop in your career can be explained as follows:

  • PMP® adds more value to your resume

Recruiters tend to give preference to the profiles having a PMP® certification over their non-certified counterparts. If you are a beginner in the field of Project Management, you will add tremendous value to your resume by adding a PMP® certification to your collar. As a veteran, you can take your career to the next level with a PMP® certification.

  • Networking Opportunities

To become a PMP®, a potential candidate wants to first become a member of the PMI (Project Management Institute) which introduces them to the world of certified Project Managers. According to PMI’s 2016 Annual Report, there were over 740,000 PMP® members spread across the globe, and this number continues to grow every year.
The PMI steps meetings frequently in most major metropolitan cities, where members congregate to learn more about the Project Management industry and network. These meetings are also set up to help PMP®s earn the valuable Professional Development Units that are necessary to resume their certification.

During these networking sessions, there is a vast scope of fresh career opportunities from the members who want fellow PMP® professionals. These meetings usually have time assigned for people to put forth the job opportunities that are available at their respective organizations. Apart from PMI meetings, there are many other resources available where PMP®s can connect and interact both online and offline to build communities and explore potential career opportunities, as well as throw back on the latest developments in the Project Management domain.

  • Get equipped with the knowledge of a common global language

Acquire proficiency in the global standard language of Project Management by equipping yourself with a PMP® certification in addition to improving your job prospect. PMP® training provides you with a solid and time-tested framework which helps the promotion of effective communication. Adding the proven ability to identify and overcoming the problems within an organization automatically makes you more preferable to an employer over your non-certified counterpart.

  • The Demand for Certified Project Managers

As long as human enterprise lives, Project Managers will remain in high demand. A survey conducted by Enterprise Agile Coach Andrew Kallman on indicates that there are more Project Manager Jobs in the market than there are for Agile Coaches, Agile Project Managers, CSMs, PMI-ACPs, or CSPs. The graph below display the difference.
A survey conducted by Computer World shows that 40% of the IT executives have declared that they mean to hire Project Management professionals.

The method used to handle projects is always changing, so any company addressing these issues wants formal and standard project management methods. Additionally, the number of new projects will continue to grow exponentially as new digital markets and industries are formed. For these both reasons, the demand for Project Management professionals should remain very high for a long time.

  • PMP® certification validates your experience

The employers hold high esteem for the prerequisites that you need to fulfill in order to sit for your PMP® certification exam. The candidates are required to meet a certain level of education and work experience. When a recruiter sees a PMP® certification in your resume, he gets to know that you have worked hard to attain this certification and you possess a substantial amount of quality work experience under your belt to validate your skill.

Benefits of PMP® Certification

  • Globally recognized certification
  • To become a better project manager because the best practices have been included from multitude project managers across the globe
  • Increases the success rate of your project as you become more organized
  • Minimizing resource utilization and making a project cost-effective
  • Changes how others look at your abilities
  • To keep your job promoted or get a new job
  • Hike in your current salary


In the present market outline, the demand for Project Management Professionals is still high in comparison to the other professions. In the US, it is predicted that the demand for Project Management Professionals will grow to nearly 700,000 jobs by the year 2020. So, it is good for you to equip yourself with a PMP® certification to be a part of the most demanded professional team. PMP® certification is acknowledged as the gold standard of all the project management certifications across several industries around the globe. Professionals take up this certification in order to add more value to their profiles leading to improvements in their earnings.

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