Top 5 Career Paths for Scrum Masters

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A scrum master has knowledge about both scrum and agile. For career progression, any role can be chosen from the available options. If someone is a scrum master or thinking to follow the career choice, then career path is a must. A scrum master want to know what ladder is expected to climb and what it will bring. Being a scrum master, many more career options can be chosen. If anyone wants to know what the career path is for a scrum master, then here are the options:

  • Agile Coach
  • Product Owner
  • Mentor
  • Manager
  • Management Roles

Let’s understand each role clearly

Agile Coach

After you gain a lot of experience as a Scrum Master you can become an agile coach. An Agile coach is a consultant, who can both train new Scrum Teams and continue helping them as they work on their Scrum projects. Let’s take a bit more time to explore this position, because it offers several paths you can pursue:

  • Stay at your current company

If your company has a lot of Scrum Teams, you may be able to remain there and serve as an internal agile coach for your current groups. You can even continue working as a Scrum Master, however your responsibilities will be taken to a higher level and you’ll be there to help multiple teams solve their Scrum challenges.

  • Join an Agile consulting company

You can leave your current employer and join a consulting company that organizes Agile coaching and training. There are many agile consulting companies out there and if they’re looking to take on more clients, they may need new coaches.

  • Start your own consultancy business

You can start your own independent consulting practice. This is how most of the existing consulting companies got started. If you have an entrepreneurial streak, this could be an interesting option for you.

In order to become a successful agile coach you’ll need to meet several requirements:

  • Have a lot of experience as a Scrum Master.

Agile coaches are expected to be experts in their field, so obviously you’ll need a lot of theoretical and practical experience to become one.

  • Be genuinely interested in agile methodologies.

If you’re not into agile methodologies and product development, don’t get into Agile coaching. Follow your passion instead.

  • Feel comfortable working with and teaching others.

Coaching is all about working with people and dealing with problems. It’s also about patiently teaching them and leading them to solutions they will accept. It requires a good grasp of soft-skills. Don’t get into Agile coaching if you don’t like working with people and handling their problems.

  • Have knack for problem solving.

You’ll need to be analytical, good at pin-pointing problem areas and suggesting solutions.

Product Owner

Other Scrum Masters, however, learn that they love what their group is building more than the act of creating it. Those Scrum Masters become good candidates to become product owners. We don’t want to imply that a product owner role is above the Scrum Master role in an organization. We consider the roles equivalent in a typical organizational hierarchy. But some Scrum Masters learn that they care extremely about the thing being built rather than the process of building the thing. And from having worked with a group long enough, some of these Scrum Masters learn sufficient about the product, industry, users and such to become good product owners.


A Scrum Master who has been successful in his current role can step ahead into a role as a mentor to other Scrum Masters. This includes the transmission of knowledge and psychological support to the team. As the team is engaged in the daily use of scrum, the scrum master helps the team to use it more effectively. The main concept behind the scrum master acting as a mentoring is to help the individuals become self-sufficient and the team to become self-organizing.


To become a manager, a candidate should have detailed knowledge of Scrum. An ex-scrum master will understand the problems clearly and provide appropriate support. As a manager the candidate will have many responsibilities and roles.

Management Roles

A project managerial role is different from the scrum master. In this, a candidate is required to handle the teams by providing proper guidance to them and this career option might need prior experience. Other than this there are great opportunities for a Scrum master. The foremost thing needed for becoming a Scrum master is its certification. To know about the scrum master certification training online or any other info, the course providers can be contacted. All the info to contact the training center is available on the internet.


The role of Scrum Master increases the demand for the scrum experts and thus there are great opportunities for the scrum professional. The scrum master career track allows one to build a career in different fields. Choose the best career path and it’s good to know your options.

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