Month: January 2019

It’s not about the way you lead, it’s about how you lead!

How would you describe a strong leader? In a study, assertiveness, adaptability, intelligence, and conscientiousness were referred to as the most vital qualities of a leader. “Research clearly describes that transformational leaders — leaders who are positive, motivating, and who empower and develop followers—are better leaders,” explains psychologist and leadership master Ronald E. Riggio. “So, […]

Agile Meeting Facilitators TIPS

Introduction A facilitator is a person who chooses or is given the explicit role of leading a meeting. This role typically involves that the facilitator will take little part in the discussion on the meeting’s subject, however, will focus basically on making the conditions for effective team processes, in the pursuit for the goals for […]

Differences between agile and traditional planning

INTRODUCTION Traditional and agile planning methodologies both focus on developing strategies to guide teams to succeed in the ultra-modern competitive landscape, but their tactics are quite distinct. If you’re transitioning from traditional to agile making plans, it is essential to understand they’re extensively one of a kind mind-sets and management styles. Before we observe some […]

How can students use Agile techniques for school projects?

Introduction In recent years, the utilization of Agile software development methods, or Agile for short, has turned out to be progressively prominent as a method for producing software in a lighter, speedier, more people-centered way. Agile represents a set of software development methods dependent on the concepts of versatility and adaptability. Since the release of […]

Will Scrum Master Certification Help to Boost Career?

Introduction Scrum master training or Scrum master certifications can be identified as one of the many courses, where employees are become up self- motivated and can be propelled to perform huge responsibilities. If you are planning to adopt Scrum in your company, the expectations will be higher regarding increasing productivity, appreciating employee morale and getting […]

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