Month: February 2019

The Role of a Release Manager

Introduction The Release Manager owns the Release Management process and has the responsibility and specialist for the general process results. The Release Manager is responsible for the overall quality of the process. He/she is the main coordinator within the process and is the point with respect to releases for both the customer and the IT […]

An HR playbook for successful SAFe implementation

Introduction As an organization builds speed for a SAFe implementation, it rapidly becomes clear that significant change is involved. Without due consideration, this awareness of looming change develops fear and uncertainty with respect to those affected by the change. That can be every employee. In any change program, particularly one this extensive, the enterprises Human […]

Right-sizing features for SAFe Program increments

Introduction One of the key activities that will help you make your Scaled Agile Framework program a success is the careful preparation of your Features prior to Program Increment (PI) planning. Also, one essential part of this preparation is to slice any of the focused-on Features that are too large to even think about being […]

What is Release Management in DevOps?

Introduction  DevOps is the whole process of programming from its start to finishing its delivery, ensuring that the application is executing as per the requirements. In many cases, release managers are the gatekeepers of the change management process of building a piece of programming by means various stages of development and situations. Release Management process […]

Design for Testability: A vital aspect of the system Architect role in SAFe

Introduction The system architect role is important to the successful definition, design, delivery, and support of any IT project. A system architect analyses and recommends the correct combination of IT components to achieve a particular business, department, team, or functional goal. They objectively analyze wanted processes and outcomes and advice on the correct combination of […]

Lean UX and the SAFe program increment Life cycle

Introduction Lean UX is an incredibly helpful technique while working on projects where the agile development technique is utilized. Traditional UX techniques frequently don’t work when development is conducted in quick bursts, there’s insufficient time to deliver UX similarly but on a very basic level, Lean UX and different types of UX all have a […]

Challenges with User stories and their common Agile practices

Introduction The highest priority for any software company should be to satisfy customers right on time and continuous delivery of valuable software. And this way, a very good definition of Agile is given by Dr. Alistair Cock burn “Deliver Value to Customer quicker, minimize bureaucracy”. Why are many software organizations battling with this? There are […]

Ideas to improve your Agile retrospectives

An agile retrospective is a regular ritual focused on celebrating, learning, working together, committing, and developing the team’s relationship. These products, taken together form the value of an agile retrospective. If you are not familiar with agile, an agile team tries to deliver results every few weeks. At the end of that period, the team […]

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