Month: March 2019

All about “PDUs Vs SEUs” Also known as SCRUM CREDITS

Introduction PDUs (Professional Development Units) are related to the Project Management Institute. SEUs (Scrum Education Units) are related to the Scrum Alliance. Both are a way of tracking continuing education in order to maintain certifications or achieve from these organizations. SEUs and PDUs guarantee that you are keeping up with ongoing education in the field […]

Which Agile tool is best for my organization?

Agile has become the default framework in the fields of IT and Software Development. The ability to deliver a product on time and within a certain budget even when the customer needs requirements are changing on demands along the way is the primary motivation for many to embrace Agile project management tools. This is because […]

What is Spiral Model? When to Use? Advantages & Disadvantages

Software Development life cycle (SDLC) is a process used in Project Management to undertake different stages and tasks involved in phases of writing code and deploying software. SDLC Describes the software development processes from Initial planning (Requirement) through maintenance and eventual retirement the complete application. A Goal of SDLC is too quick and efficiently produces […]

Agile for Everybody: All Industries

Introduction Ever since its inception in 2001, the Agile Manifesto and the Agile project management methodology was thought of first and foremost, as a tool used by software companies to encourage/manage productivity. But what about non-IT, non-software companies? Shouldn’t they be able to gain efficiency and productivity using the best practices available? Of course, they […]

Scrum Roles & Events in a Nutshell

Introduction Scrum is a Framework that enables iterative and incremental product development, enable to get things done at the right time, maximizing the value of what is delivered. Tasks are performed faster and with higher quality by self-organizing Teams. High levels of self-motivation are achieved and are the reason why Scrum allows teams to reach […]

“Automated Testing practices in Agile Development”

Agile development and testing are popular in these days and smart QA testing teams keep pace with ongoing development trends. Testing tools from Agile vary from project management tools to automated tools. may feature were added and delivered in every sprint, so we have to make a way that newly added features should not impact […]

How a competitive team applies DevOps and Agile method

Agile has become standard in the today’s application development world. Development teams have been popularly and rapidly adopting it over the past 10 years, as it has been turned out to be an extremely useful technique for producing quality software. Agile has enhanced user experience by providing refined objectives and speedy delivery. In addition to […]

Become a Scaled Agile SAFe Program Consultant/Trainer !

The SAFe Program Consultant Trainer program was introduced by Scaled Agile, it provides a platform for talented individuals who demonstrate capabilities of superior knowledge in providing the agile principles in an enterprise. (SPC’s) are people who combine their technical knowledge of SAfe with true motivation to improve the organization’s development process. Till now 60% of […]

4 Personal productivity tools from Agile results

In Agile Outcomes is an alternate way of organizing your life and your profitability tools and frameworks in a system. It depends on the concepts and ideas of setting effective goals directly depend on your daily tasks, weekly, monthly activities towards those objectives and results. We love to share our experiences and Agile Results on […]

How to pick the best project management methodology for success

Choosing the right project management methodology is critical to your team’s ability to succeed, delivering the project on time and on budget. From Waterfall to Agile, or even Kanban, there are a large variety of project management methodologies and practices that can be utilized to maximize success. In this complete overview of project management methodologies, […]

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