Month: January 2021

ORGANIC MARKETING |The Digital Marketing Institute ™

What is Organic Marketing? Organic marketing could be a way of attracting your customers tocome back to you naturally over time, instead of using the paid marketingas Google AdWords. It includes any direct, spontaneously, and, asidefrom paid marketing tools.The word “organic” doesn’t mean you probably did not spend anyamount of cash in the least. You’re […]

How are Brands Adapting to Covid-19

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, several businesses have had to reconsider their strategies to stay ahead in a corona-virus world. With the increase in Covid-19 cases, the world economy has fallen rapidly and if this continues how will businesses survive? Why pivot fast with strong data-driven techniques and strategies that will engage customers with your brand? In […]

Licensed Digital Marketing Specialist™

Become a Licensed Digital Marketing Specialist in Digital Marketing ™. in Digital Marketing ™ You’ve worked on the strategies for marketing, but your work is calling for more in-depth, more advanced methods. The Licensed Digital Marketing Specialist Course teaches you all of the high-level specialized information you need to know, from advanced marketing methods, adapting […]

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