4 Personal productivity tools from Agile results

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In Agile Outcomes is an alternate way of organizing your life and your profitability tools and frameworks in a system. It depends on the concepts and ideas of setting effective goals directly depend on your daily tasks, weekly, monthly activities towards those objectives and results. We love to share our experiences and Agile Results on productivity methodologies and tools.

We’ve tested widely with your Outcomes at Aleph-Technologies and feel that it’s a stunning method to follow your objectives, keep you focused on and fundamentally help you complete things. To this end, we’ve reviewed a basic manual for Nimble Outcomes which will enable you to get fully operational immediately in productivity tools in agile results, Join us to get in detailed at https://www.aleph-technologies.com/.

Effective time management is absolute critical to successful, everyone has great ideas and concepts and high ambition of achieving the results. But those how are with great time management plans separates themselves from pack and truly prosper with results in a team. The best productivity tools are the ones you actually use and get result with them. Agile Result is a Personal Result of System for work and life. It’s all about how to use your best energy for your best results with that in mind.

Let us see some basic personal productivity tools from agile results

  • PRODUCTIVITY TOOL  Rule of Three:-

Take Control Your Day, Take Charge of Your Life.

As a busy person, I think you don’t lose a day buy being busy.as a high achiever and leader in the agile lifestyle I think you are busy with your tasks. The guidelines of 3 are profitability strategy which concentrated fundamentally on accomplishing 3 messages full outcomes consistently, week, month and year. In earlier stages I implemented rule of 3 in life, I used to run around from one task to the another without clear vision for my desired result, My goal planning is like a mess, many of you become a “firefighter” someone who reacts at all time on me, instead of being a proactive doer.

The beauty of the Rule of 3 is in its simplicity. It works like this:

  • Identify three outcomes you want for the day.
  • Identify three outcomes you want for the week.
  • Identify three outcomes you want for the month.
  • Identify three outcomes you want for the year.

It sounds easy, let’s look how we can archive it.

1 Start your day/week/month/year:-

Every day keep a list of works To Do, Bubble up the three important results you can get the possible results for today and commit to do those all above.

2 Choose result not tasks:-

Look into the results board on the desired outcome, and leave it open how you do it, matter is to replay the questions for text, email, Im or Skype to have a clear vision.

3 Each outcome matches its timeframe:-

Think ambitious, but achieve goals, keep an eye on doing task to complete it them in a given time that’s would be great to feel if you have finished it.

4 Course-correct, if necessary:-

Over the tasks of day/week/month/year, new priorities might be added forcefully, the rule of three isn’t meant to be rigid. It’s an agile technique after all. If new things have high priorities do them first but feel free to replace them where ever they needed.

5 Reflect:-

Take time for reflection. What worked well? What didn’t? Feel good about what you accomplished. High achievers have the disease of what’s Next? Take time to appreciate what you’ve done before searching out the next challenge to conquer.


Hot Spots are simple metaphor for thinking about what’s important

With a simple set of Categories:-

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  1. Emotions
  2. Career
  3. Finance
  4. Relationships
  5. Fun

Where do we need to spend more time or less time?

The categories support each other and they are connected in some cases overlaps; they give us a quick way to explore an area of your life. It’s hard to work having issues with relationships, if they take better care of their body, work gets a lot simple, they can improve their mind and emotions.


Pick the tasks which are in high priority to improve the work for month. Each month try to pick up something new, to cycle it for 12 things over the year, if necessary we can repeat a sprint.

if it’s an idea that is for 30 days enough to experiment the task to complete because you might not see this process in the first couple of weeks while you are learning ,a month is good to chunk of the time to check and learn your process and progress.it is helpful to find out that you can start a bunch of things but never finish, just focus in this month on the things and then next month task, you can make easy to focus on the other things easily if you finished hard task first. Start as a fresh month and pick a theme for the month so everything you do accrues to something bigger.


You have certain hours in a day or night when you are capable of accomplish more these are your    personal power hours. Guard your power hours so that they are available to you and push the bulk of your productivity within these time boxes the max your result while optimizing your time. You may feel free in a zone or in your flow state. Gradually increase the number of power hours you can, build a powerful day, week one power hour at a time. If you know only 3 power hours in 40 hours a week, see if you can have 5 more power hours.

Agile Results Tools and Apps

We recommend using multiple tools to implement various components of agile result.

  • Action Lists (to do lists):- OmniFocus or Things.
  • Roadmaps and overview:-Mindjet MindManager.
  • Journals:-Evernote.
  •  Information Storage:-Evernote, Devon Think and etc.


Mainly focus on the achieving result, rather than accomplished tasks, Be Flexible and constant on      different conditions to changes, It is simple but the effective methodology for setting priorities, Limited time, energy resource to get better results instantly, A lot of Continuous improvement, developments of all aspects of the individual in a Team to process well.

For more blogs: https://blog.aleph-technologies.com/

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