5 Skills every scrum master must have

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By: Zooni Butt

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What is SCRUM?

SCRUM is an agile framework for developing, delivering, and maintaining complex products. It is an iterative method that takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month to complete the project. The work is usually split among a small team of 8 to 10 people working on a project together within timeboxed iterations called ‘sprints’. The Scrum team has daily 15 minutes time boxed meetings called daily scrum. In the end, the team reviews and demonstrates the results in ‘sprint review’ where the project is tested for continuous improvement.

Who is a SCRUM Master?

Becoming a Scrum Master is like wearing superman attire. You are the person your team will rely on. To be more specific, a SCRUM master is a person who oversees the entire project and facilitates the team by providing all the resources needed to complete the tasks in a timely manner and complete the project by meeting the deadline. This role has also been associated with the term team facilitator or servant-leader. This person works to remove impediments for the ability of the team to complete the tasks and deliverables. The SCRUM Master is a key person when it comes to completing the lifecycle of a project. Here are some key traits or skills a good SCRUM Master must have:

Top 5 key skills of a SCRUM Master:

1- Agility

An agile  SCRUM Master is able to work effectively and swiftly with less cost and 100% accurate outcome. When delivering a product and working on a project time management is of utmost importance, without completing the tasks on time the sprinters find themselves at loss and lose track of their work. To become an agile SCRUM Master you are understanding and punctual with meeting deadlines.

2- People Oriented

A SCRUM Master must be communicative and cordial. Being able to help your team at any given time and at any cost.  Open to feedback and ready to implement a new set of guidelines with minimum error. Effective communication is the key to have this skill mastered, a democratic approach towards the team policy and procedures yields better outcomes. Providing the essential tools and resources and understanding the needs of your team members is an ideal trait of a successful SCRUM Master. I would like to add a wise word of Phil Jacksoon that,

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of the team is each individual member”

A great SCRUM Master brings positivity and a sense of camaraderie among the individuals. He orchestrates the entire team and standing alone is not the way he leads his team.

3- Coaching Collaborator

You are empathetic and an excellent communicator. You’re able to understand the nature of your relationship with your entire team and are able to guide them at their level. Where you are authoritarian you are holistic and visionary to foresee the challenges your team can or could face. Acquiring a democratic approach which means giving your team the ability to be accountable for its own fosters a healthy path to engage with your peers. It also includes basic communication skills of active listening, building trust, providing constant support, and constructive feedback.


Where you are leading a group of people at the same time you are in service to your team. You are there for them with all the necessary tools required to carry out the protocols of the assignment. Empathy, adhere to the call of your peers and listening behaviors contribute to successful leadership. Where this may sound like a skill, in all reality it is a way of thinking when it comes to helping others and achieving goals. The epitome of this trait is attained by humility and trust. As Robert K Greenleaf,  the author of ‘The Servant as Leader’ said:

“As a servant leader, you’re a “servant first” – you focus on the needs of others, especially team members before you consider your own.”

5-Change Management

Change management is the ability to be able to run the business smoothly by bringing in changes to business practice. It uses various tools and techniques to bring support and feedback to the people of an organization. As a SCRUM Master, you have a clear vision of your employee’s needs and stakeholder’s demands. You are a flexible and effective communicator to provide your team with all the necessary tools to adapt to the changes to obtain a seamless outcome.

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