5 Social Media Engagement Strategies to Start Doing Now

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1. Build A Conversational Platform on Social Media

It is without a doubt that technology can do many wonders for us and that includes responding to our audience. But true engagement on social media should extend more than just the automation level, it should seep deeper into the personal aspect.

This is why utilizing social media platforms as a means to build a relationship with your audience through a heart-felt, casual conversation proves to be vital in creating that sense of security for your patrons to feel.

2. Quick Q&A’s That Are Interesting

This is a no brainer but it is difficult to implement. Mainly because it can either be boring or too text book. Either way, your audience will not respond.

Make sure that your questions are something that your audience will think about and that it will eventually prompt them to respond on the comments or whichever platform you want them to engage in.

3. Curate Different Ways to Engage

You may have implemented hundreds and thousands of engagement posts but do they actually cater to what your audience would like to engage to?

4. Showcase Fun and Actionable Posts or Videos

Break free from the typical informative posts and start thinking about how to make your content interesting enough for your audience to sit through, especially if it’s a video.

Video posts work wonders for your audience only if it’s done right. Short, yet fun videos that appeal to your market’s taste and perspective is key. So think about what makes them tick.

5. Create “Need-To-Share” Trigger Posts

Lastly, you want your posts to enable a sense of it as “needing to be shared” to others and by others. How do you think posts go viral? Simple. Social media users see the urgency to share the content because it piqued their interest and created a need to share it.


As we always mention in most our blogs, doing the good old fashion testing of what works and what doesn’t, will really help you on how to go about your engagement strategy.

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