5 Steps to Boost Linkedin Views

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If you are reading this you most likely have a Linkedin profile, but if you don’t I cannot stress the importance of making yourself visible in the online digital sphere. With over 722 million members, Linkedin is the number one platform to connect with networking professionals. If you are interested in boosting your Linkedin profile views: find out how with these 5 simple steps.

1. Have a professional looking photo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it most certainly is true. The first impression of you is of your profile photo. It is important to choose a high quality headshot that portrays you as a professional. As a profile photo is meant to represent you, you should never have anyone else with you in the photograph. Ensure that you contrast well with your background, have a neutral or smiling expression and are facing towards the camera. In doing so you will automatically stand out in front of the millions Linkedin users.

2. Educational Information

Adding your educational history is a vital criteria for all industries. Whether that is adding your high school diploma, your undergraduate degree or your post-graduate qualifications. Perhaps you have more than two qualifications? Then add the relevant degree. Among the many benefits of adding your educational history, one is that it will allow individuals from your previous institutions to connect with you and expand your connections and networking reach.

If you have partaken in any vocational learning, certification courses or workshops this will help set your profile apart from others and fill out the Licensing and Certifications section. In the description section, it is important to highlight what your course entrailed, how this experience shaped you, the modules you took and why this prepares you for a job in industry.

3. Keywords are Key

Simply put keywords are words and phrases that searchers input into search engines in order to bring up relevant search results. The same process is applied to Linkedin and can explain why you are not getting profile views you want. Perhaps you need to revamp your profile with these key steps. Understanding keywords is vital in getting more profile views and allowing recruiters to find you. In order to see if your profile contains the right keywords, a great start would be to scan the profiles of people in the field of your industry and look at the job description for prerequisite skills.

Once you find common skills, it is important to incorporate specific keywords that are true to you. If your industry uses industry based jargon, it is important to add these keywords to your profile even if you are not well versed in the subject matter, as some recruiter software scans your Linkedin profile for relevant keywords and if your profile does not contain them they will essentially be invisible to potential employers and lost in the Linkedin digital sphere.

Google searching top keywords is another way you can find relevant keywords to use in your profile. Adding them to the Summary and Experience section is most impactful as it demonstrates how you applied these keywords. You can also add them to all aspects of your profile, such as volunteer work, an internship or the skill section in any way you can describe how the keyword is applicable to you. 

4. Experience

When adding your work experience it is important to add relevant work experience for the job you are applying for. However, if you do not have the relevant experience you can tailor your work experience to the job description. Ask yourself questions, such as what skills did I acquire from my past jobs? How are these skills transferable to the job I am applying for?

When you commence writing remember to use the correct tenses. Now this may seem like common sense, but you will be surprised by the number of Linkedin profiles that make this mistake. If you are talking about your current job you should be using present tense and past tense for prior work experiences. Provide a short overview of each job and explain your role within the company and the skills and achievements you gained during your role in that field. Use clear and succinct words, better yet if you can provide  factual based evidence, such as statistics or facts on how you helped the company grow, it will showcase the impact you made.

5. Support, Strengthen and Solidify

In order to support your profile you should have previous employers vouch for the skills on your profile through endorsements. These will help strengthen the skills on your profile and show potential employers that you are vouched for by these individuals. Having others discuss your role in the workplace will allow employers to gain an insight into what it is like to work with you, how others feel about your engagement and whether you would be suitable for a position within their company. Gaining positive endorsements for Linkedin and references will solidify the things you have added to your CV and if done properly should compliment the skills and abilities or transferable skills that are beneficial in the workplace.

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