A Brief talk over Scaled Agile Framework

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Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a demonstrated tool stash for applying lean and dexterous strategies to a whole organization or a noteworthy improvement association. As a system, SAFe has been generally impacted and is utilized as a part of Sweden and universally by a few noteworthy associations and organizations.

The purpose of SAFe  is to:

  • Add to expanding and quickening the business advantage of IT improvement utilizing lean and agila techniques.
  • Enhance IT Development Organizations’ Competitiveness, Productivity, and Delivered Quality.
  • Increment inspiration, interest and delight in everybody in the association that works with programming advancement.

The parts we review during the course are:

  • Prologue to the Scaled Agile Framework
  • To grasp a Lean-Agile outlook
  • Comprehend the standards behind SAFe
  • Make an Agile Release Train (ART)
  • Experience PI Planning
  • Execute and convey esteem
  • Make a nimble portfolio
  • Construct huge frameworks
  • To lead the Lean-Agile organization

The preparation I’m driving is a confirmation preparing for pioneers and it’s a unique variant of Leading SAFe where we drive 3 days rather than the standard 2. In this rendition, parts of the material are extended and the additional time implies we have more opportunity for discourse and reflection amid the course days.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is by all accounts one of the intriguing issues in the Agile people group nowadays. Adore it or loathe it, everybody is discussing it.

There is a gigantic scope of conclusions in the network extending from Ron Jeffries’ ‘Sheltered: Good But Not Good Enough’ and Ken Schwaber’s ‘Risky at any speed’ to Lyssa Adkins’ ‘The Agile Coaches’ Coach Shares Her Views On SAFe’ and Al Shalloway’s ‘The reason Net Objectives Supports The Scaled Agile Framework’.

I won’t go into the civil argument, however I will share a portion of my encounters as a specialist who has presented SAFe (or possibly a few practices prescribed by SAFe) in numerous associations with hundreds up to a great many individuals (counting a portion of the biggest SAFe changes to date), in arranged and conveyed conditions.

The current situation

Coordinated has been developing in prevalence for various years; Scrum, Kanban, XP and other Agile strategies – while still not really the default techniques for overseeing and enhancing programming ventures – have surely ascended in fame and utilization of these strategies is proceeding to develop at a fast rate.

The problem

As we begin working in various businesses, distinctive work writes – and especially as we scale our approach – there are new or obscure difficulties that can affect our capacity to convey viably.

In the VersionOne ‘Province of Agile’ report, various hindrances were featured from absence of administration bolster, worries about loss of administration control, trust in strategies for scaling Agile to worries about capacity to scale. The biggest hindrance of all was capacity to change authoritative culture. I’ve encountered these difficulties direct.


SAFe is a profoundly configurable outline that can be utilized to instruct at all levels of an association and offer certainty to presenting Agile at scale. With scaling at its center, it uncovered regular hostile to examples and helps settle normally experienced dysfunctions and issues.

Given that each extensive association has distinctive difficulties and openings, there will be inescapable changes that should be made to accomplish ideal outcomes – however SAFe is, no less than, an extremely accommodating beginning stage for scaling Agile.

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