All about “PDUs Vs SEUs” Also known as SCRUM CREDITS

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PDUs (Professional Development Units) are related to the Project Management Institute. SEUs (Scrum Education Units) are related to the Scrum Alliance. Both are a way of tracking continuing education in order to maintain certifications or achieve from these organizations. SEUs and PDUs guarantee that you are keeping up with ongoing education in the field to stay and grow relevant, and aren’t simply relying on your own experiences. These credits are especially important if you want to maintain or obtain official certification as an Agile professional. Each unit is roughly equal to one hour of time spent in an educational activity. For example, a one-hour webinar would net you 1 PDU while a full day workshop could earn you 8 PDUs.

Why do they matter?

When you take a course or accomplish some other project that results in an official PDU or SEU, you’re verifying that you’ve set time aside in your schedule to improve your knowledge of Agile principles and practices and that you’ve to invite out qualified sources for this information.
Only Registered Education Providers (REPs) can provide educational classes, webinars, seminars, or other functions that will qualify for PDUs or SEUs. To obtain this designation, educators need to pass a correct training and certification process to ensure they are not only teaching exactly but that they are doing so in a manner that is helpful to students benefiting fully from the program.

How to Earn PDUs and SEUs
How to earn PDUs

One of the less expensive ways to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) is by reading books. Currently, every three years, you are required to earn 60 PDUs. Apart from taking formal training classes, you also can attend a refreshment or evening chapter meeting with formal presentations, which are worth 1 PDU per hour. Other ways include attending webinars and reading books on project management. Not only do you choose the books, within reason, but also you specify, how many PDUs for which you are applying.

Ongoing education: Take in-person or online courses, industry events, attend seminars/webinars, or get into self-directed learning and take it at your own pace. Just make sure the course you’re taking is officially approved to give out PDUs.
Give back to the industry: Create content that can be added to the body of knowledge, volunteer to give your project management services outside of your company, or simply do your job. More details are on the Project Management Institute page.

Why are there so many options?

We understand that everybody has different goals and interests. Different industries have a different need as well. Maybe you want to make a change in career, or learn a new approach — the CCR program is your opportunity to explore new avenues and new options. find some ways that you can earn Education and Giving Back PDUs. Best guess is, that PMI chose to go with the 1 hour = 1 PDU approach because every month hundreds of PMI Chapter dinner meetings happen everywhere the world and the presentations given at those meetings are generally 1 hour in duration. So, this makes it much easier to track and report.

How to earn SEUs

According to an email sent to coaches and Scrum Alliance certified trainers, the Scrum Education Unit needs that were previously active only for coaches (CEC, CTC) and trainers (CST) are now being rolled out across ALL Scrum Alliance certifications.
This means that, in order to maintain a Scrum Alliance certification, you will need to earn a number of SEUs during the course of your one- or two-year certification term. SEUs can be earned by:

There’s a wide variety of ways to earn SEUs. Here’s just a sampling:

• Attend a Global/Regional Scrum Gathering
• Participate in a local user group
• Watch a community webinar
• Write a blog
• Read a book about Scrum/Agile
• Volunteer in some way to give back to the Agile community


Each course is unique, so be sure to check if the course is eligible for these type of continuing education units by navigating to the course page. In general, online training is acceptable for PDUs and SEUs and is regularly at a ratio of 1:1, where one hour of training equal to one continuing education unit.

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