Android Mobile App Development

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What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is a mixture of various procedures and processes which are used in making software for wireless and minute computing devices like smartphones or tablets. Mobile app development is increasing at an excessive rate as the importance of mobile phones is rising on a daily basis. 

Types of Mobile Applications

A mobile app can be described as a software program which users can install in their mobile phones and can use them to perform certain functions on the app. There are mainly 3 types of mobile apps:-

Native applications Created to make use of on a specific device or platform. Native applications are written for a particular operating system, meaning certain codes are written for every operating system it can be Android, IOS or Windows.

Web Application  Clients run it on a web browser. It is a software application  created mainly for clients. The web application is communicated over the internet through a web browser interface and is stored on a remote server as well.

Hybrid Applications It is a combination of both native and web applications. They are developed with the help of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and then encapsulated into a native application using different platforms, for example, Cordova.

Benefits of Android App Development

Android is an amazing operating system which not only has a simple mobile app development process but also boasts a massive user base and is open source.

High ROI and Low Investment There are less restriction for entry. Android community gives its mobile app developers an SDK or Software Development Kit which in turn lowers the licensing and development costs.

Open Source: The android community provides open-source advantage from licensing, best technology framework which is also considered as royalty-free.

Adjustability:  Comparing with other operating systems, Android apps can be adjusted with ease to fulfil various business needs.

Cross-stage: It is similar to the pattern now for an entity to develop apps which can seamlessly and effortlessly work on a few platforms like Android, iOS etc.

Trend in Mobile App Development

Artificial intelligence (AI) is developed to provide organizations with some useful insights with the help of cognitive interfaces, advanced analytics, to machine learning tech and complex systems.

Mobile payments


Airbnb and Netflix are some examples of personalization. These keep a track on what your preferences are. By taking into account all the relevant information, they alter content as per your preferences.

App Security

These days apps need to be secured to protect the confidential information of the business. 

Steps to Learning Android App Development 

  • Java programming becomes an essential  to learn as one for the basics, especially for the beginners.
  • To understand the concepts of Android, one has to know the XML language.
  • Patience and perseverance is the key
  • Staying updated with the latest trends to integrate into your app and achieve better heights as a developer

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