Assessing your need and readiness for the Scaled Agile Framework

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Two of the inquiries I’m much of the time asked nowadays “Do we require the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?” and “CAN we (securely) actualize SAFe?”. I as of late distributed a self-appraisal in view of the inquiries I ordinarily enable associations to answer when they’re taking a gander at this.

The self-evaluation begins with inquiries to build up the requirement for nimbleness, keeps on taking a gander at the style of dexterity being wanted, the style of direction the general population in the association like to have and completing with some particular inquiries around the capacity to execute SAFe with a portion of its one of a kind practices, for example, the huge room arranging.

Scaled Agile Transformation Planning

Changes require authoritative and social changes, not only a comprehension of another procedure. Symbol has a built up and demonstrated way to deal with encourage Agile and SAFe changes.

The effective evaluation, definition, and execution of Enterprise-level Agile philosophies are claims to fame of Icon. These approaches address the procedures and best practices for Portfolio, Program, and Team administration. Incorporated into Icon’s claims to fame are the powerful preparing, training, authoritative change administration, and apparatuses execution required to anticipate and accomplish an effective and, above all, maintainable change.

Activities include

  • Light-footed status audit and Assessments to comprehend current circumstance
  • Setting up a mutual vision for the future and making a guide to arrive
  • Drawing in with all partners to set desires and address concerns
  • Change arranging and planning
  • Change commence with counseling, help and inserted training
  • Group Level training and coaching
  • Program and Portfolio Level training and coaching
  • Estimating progress with important measurements and adjusting as essential


  • Change design/guide
  • Preparing for administrators, chiefs, pioneers and colleagues
  • Potentially set up or change focuses of magnificence/networks of training

Time Frame

  • Least: multi week fast begin, 10 – 20 weeks to help 1 or 2 program increases
  • Normally: 3 months to 3 years

Launch Agile Release Train (ART) Quickstart Program

This five-day program is expected for those bigger ventures who need to apply adaptable lean and lithe advancement strategies with a specific end goal to build the profitability, quality, esteem conveyance and key arrangement of their product improvement.

  • Building an anticipated model for moving wave discharge arranging, target setting, program execution and versatile criticism which gives a ceaseless stream of significant worth to the client or commercial center.
  • Prepare up to 50-125 colleagues, (normally composed in to 8-12 Scrum groups for a typical program), in the standards of Scaling Software Agility and the usage of SAFe Scrum XP in an undertaking setting.
  • Adjust the group to a typical venture mission and item accumulation and plan for the primary discharge or Potentially Shippable Increment (PSI, 8-12 weeks) of significant worth through programming. Build up emphasis designs and quantifiable PSI goals.
  • Present forthcoming Product Owners and Scrum Masters to the standards and practices one of a kind to their part in the Lean-Agile undertaking.

Scaling Agile Workshop

Working with administrators, key partners, and program administration to build up a technique and additionally a guide and usage approach.

Exercises include

  • Survey Organizational Structure
  • Exhibit diagram of SAFe, DAD or other relevant scaling structure
  • Lead Interviews, Perform Readiness Assessment
  • Encourage dialogs to characterize methodology and execution approach
  • Lead Retrospective


  • Procedure rundown
  • Guide and execution approach

Time allotment

  • multi week

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