“Automated Testing practices in Agile Development”

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Agile development and testing are popular in these days and smart QA testing teams keep pace with ongoing development trends. Testing tools from Agile vary from project management tools to automated tools. may feature were added and delivered in every sprint, so we have to make a way that newly added features should not impact on existing functionality. Even requirements may change in given user story we have to make sure to change the scripts and find bugs, with agile it is possible because in agile iterations and increments would occur continuously.

Skills of Agile Testing:

As agile tester will have more team-oriented approaches, a wide variety of tools used in his development. In advance Quality test-oriented outlook, a tester will incorporate a wide array of testing tools and technologies into their testing efforts. With agile new innovative ideas could be implemented to people interact freely with each other so that with this explorative ideas implementation could be faster and made easy. Most probably individuals doing detailed planning for a user story (product owner, developer, and testers) some technical people will make some necessary decisions at that time. Tester and developers work on the story which is in sprint make detailed decisions about where to automate and trigger an acceptance to complete story, during this phase testers may see opportunities for Adhoc testing such that they get good test coverage.

Points for Agile Test Automation:

Here you need to consider certain fundamental points when it comes to agile methodologies with respect to evaluate Automation testing methods and techniques. we have to review and making a note on time taken for design and coding (Scripting), validating of designed scripts with the given test data and the adoption of same for testing whether the tests for regression or functional purposes, so here the fact is in agile environment where an average sprint takes on 1-2 weeks to complete and thus it obviously too difficult to contemplate affording to find bugs, so much time for automation scripts in such a way. Selection of relevant automation tool is also an important factor when it comes to adoption testing within the scope of agile methodology, therefore primary importance of the process should be to ensure quality delivery of automation scripts within a stipulated time as afforded by agile methodology.

Ways to Make Automated Testing practices in Agile Development
Conduct parallel Testing

In Agile development continuous releases and iterations will take place, that’s why the reason test often miss out on quality objectives, if we have a number of sprints it’s difficult to devote time identifying the bugs and intimate, this is why testing need proper time so conducting parallel test helps to last-minute rushes moreover it will help the team to become more productive and responses quick workflow.

Script Quality Test

One thing to be considered as a tester need to do develop quality test scripts to quickly obtain regression cycles, we mean that make flexible to accommodate regression testing meet the requirements criteria
• Versioning
• Portability
• Correctness
• Maintainability
• Integrity
So it will be smoother and correct testing we can reuse in our testing framework so we can make the best performance, speed and accuracy.

Adopt DevOps to

We all know DevOps is a principal of merging the work testing, Development, Operations role, so we can collaboration and cross function from the same team, which helps in speed and software delivery process. Since Develops helps in sharing work with team integration which would be benefits in real-time which makes the agile cycle more efficiently.
Get Right Automation Tool
It’s important to select the right tool, invest enough time to capabilities of the tool ideally before purchasing it and ensure it meets criteria features to automate the process. Listed below are few ideal features to check.
• The tool must be OS friendly to support and better team perform testing
• It should to end-to-end testing capabilities
• It should be easy-to-understand UI, navigations and should support additional plugins
• It should offer Integrations with bug tracking tools, test management tools, and continuous integrations, etc.
• The tool should be robust and quick results.

Check on Development Environment

It is a final stage to check with and also important for testing teams which consist of simple to complex virtual machines which work with database and services which could undergo all types of testing like performance, database testing, sometimes a bug can’t appear in while testing by in the different environment, networks, conditions, configurations, service availability, and back end databases. so understand the actual development which helps teams to focus on achieving quality and the root cause of the problem.


Automation testing tools is an important factor to adoption testing within the scope of agile methodology, work on Licensed automation tool, for sample appoint strict security access to different types and levels of users to practice a particular testing automation framework, Mostly communicate to team members about collaboration which doesn’t impact on the overall cohesion may be leading into results it is really helpful to successful project and the main role of Automation Tester here is to save time and reducing costs.

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