Become a Scaled Agile SAFe Program Consultant/Trainer !

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The SAFe Program Consultant Trainer program was introduced by Scaled Agile, it provides a platform for talented individuals who demonstrate capabilities of superior knowledge in providing the agile principles in an enterprise. (SPC’s) are people who combine their technical knowledge of SAfe with true motivation to improve the organization’s development process.

Till now 60% of Fortune 100 USA organizations were certified SAFe Practitioner and consultant already. We personally delivered dozen of SAFe courses both in public and private training, we made an trend form last few years in SAFe.


  • Reaching the tipping point:

 Have a good communication with business needs, urgency and version changes.

  • Establishing a lean-Agile Center and leaders:

        SPCs assist the Lace building executing the blocklog transformation.

  • Training executives, managers and leaders:

        New concepts and technical provide orientation and training on an overview to leaders, stakeholders, mangers and if necessary for team members.

  • Identifying value streams and release trains (ARTS):

        Having good grasping skills with stakeholders to understand the flow of value to finish the task in a priority base.

  • Preparing for ART launch:

               Have a LACE (Learn-Agile Center of Excellence) plan and prepare for ART (Agile Release Train) launch.

  • Training team and launching the ART:

        Directly execute and planning can give necessary training for team to participate in initial and critical events like program increment (pi) planning and inspect and Adapt (I &A),also helps in ART launching dates and calendar for Team events.

  • Extending to the portfolio:

        When Tasks practices get momentum, SPC’s drives those practices to other areas of the organization, including Lean Portfolio management, Lean Budgets, and approaches to CapEx and OpEx, and Agile Contracts.

  • Sustainable to improving:                                                                                                                                                A review with advancing quality, a Lean-Agile process to human resources, giving support enhance skill set to development with education, and establishes Communities of Practice (CoPs). They give self-assessments and help perform value stream mapping to an organization.

It contains the Principles of:

1 Distributed collaboration

2 Well-defined goals and purpose

3 Value added contributions

4 Case studies

5 Blog creation, public speaking and formation of ‘meet-ups’

6 Regular face to face interactions

7 Consistent/regular communications

8 Exam and Curriculum contributions.

So the next step is to gain detailed Knowledge about all this principles and process of Scaled Agile SAFe Program Consultant and get Trained to Certify in this course, want to grab a challenging opportunity visit our site: . and Get CERTIFIED.    

Experience and education requirements generally:

  • At least need to be 10+ years of experience in tech industry
  • Should have clear experience in lean-Agile
  • Five years of experience in software development / product manager / product owner and systems engineering would be helpful
  • Bachelor’s degree in technology studies would be advantage
  • At least having high feedback training and leadership experience will helpful

Required SAFe experience

One year in SPC (SAFe Program Consultant Certification) of the latest version with a high score preferred

Candidate Experience                                                        Minimum Requirement
Successful SAFe implementations                              1
SAFe days in last year                               80  
Teach Leading SAFe course                              3  
Lead SAFe ART launch with SAFe for Team                                1  
Lead Inspect & Adapt workshop                               1  
Lead Value Stream and ART Identification Workshop                               1
                SAFe speaking engagements                                1  
Current course exams                                 SPC, 90%
Required reading                                        3


Detailed as in implementation Road, changing the development practices and behavior of an enterprise is a significant challenge. A powerful guiding stakeholder is needed. Set the version show the way and remove obstruction and issues, change the people who can implement specific process changes every time, make expertise to take quick decisions intelligently at a less time, Now it’s time to execute and Advance your Agile activities necessary for successful Scaled Agile SAFe Program Consultant/Trainer!, explore the daily task and delivered projects to get practice and to improve new methods of solving issues quickly

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As a company comprised of individuals who have seen the vast number of improvements the Agile mindset can bring, It has become our resolute mission to bring Agile practices to every workplace the world over.

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