Benefits of Having a PMI Membership

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A PMI membership signals that you are serious about your project management career. PMI’s goal is to advance the practice, science and profession of project management in a proactive manner. So that organizations everywhere will embrace, value and utilize project management and then attribute their successes.PMI membership shows your dedication to your project management career and your professional development. The events offer you an opportunity to attend a variety of sessions including informal meet-ups. Moreover, you can collaborate with like-minded individuals to create and share consumable tools, content, and resources. You can have great benefits from your PMI membership.

Types of Memberships:

  • Individual Member: This is open to anyone who is interested in project management. If your work involves projects or project management, or you simply want to learn more about them, an individual membership is the best solution.
  • Student Member: If you are enrolled in a degree program at a college or university, the PMI student membership is right for you. You need a passion for project management and verification of college enrollment for a student member.
  • Retiree Member: you don’t have to end when you stop working. If you have been a PMI member for five successive years and have retired from active employment, you can take advantage of a discounted retiree membership and stay involved with the profession.

Here are some of the benefits of PMI membership:

1. PMP® Certification Exam Fees Savings

 PMI membership helps you financially.PMI members are benefitted in the fee reduction of PMP exam. PMI Membership and PMP certification exam fee for members is less than just PMP exam fee for non-members.

2. Free Access to PMI Standards and Publications

As a PMI member, you get access to electronic copies of all standards published by PMI. And you can download an electronic copy (PDF) of these resources from the Library of PMI Global Standards.

3. Access to Various Research Papers

Being a member of PMI, you get free access to numerous research papers published by PMI. Moreover, you can get the paid papers at discount rates.

4. PMI Marketplace

PMI Marketplace offers many technical papers, eBooks, printed books, and print copies of various standards. If you are a PMI member, you can buy at a discounted price. PMI offers free ePapers and quizzes to members through PMI Marketplace. You can get them and claim the PDUs.

5. Career Central and Headquarters

As a PMI member, you get access to wide collection of resources under  Career Central  and Career Headquarter of PMI for your career growth. These resources provide guidance to build your resume to acquire new skills and keeping yourself updated on the latest trends. You can also submit your resume here and search for job placements in project management.

6. PM Network and PMI Today

As a PMI member, you will receive free monthly copies of  PM Network and PMI today, magazines published by PMI. These magazines are either delivered to your doorstep or you can receive them in the form of email for free.

Update yourself with the latest happenings on the world of project management and across the PMI local chapters with these magazines. You can increase your knowledge with the interviews, case studies, and in-depth articles available in these magazines.

7. Project Management Journal

Project Management Journal is a research journal published by Project Management Institute. You will get a copy of the journal as a PMI member. It gets published five times a year and will help you to get a clear understanding of program, project, and portfolio management.

8. PMI Chapter Meetings

Once you join the local PMI chapter and acquire the PMI membership, you get an opportunity to participate in every local chapter meeting at nominal price or sometimes it’s free.

9. Networking

As a PMI member the most amazing benefit is building network. You can avail the opportunity to connect with professionals through Communities of Practice or in PMI chapter meetings. These events give you a great opportunity to learn by connecting with professionals and later help you in your career growth.

10. Free PDUs

PMI membership can give you an opportunity to earn unlimited numbers of Category-A PDUs by watching free webinars. Moreover, these will be automatically reported to PMI and you don’t have to report these to PMI by yourself.


PMI membership provides many benefits to PMP aspirants. Get involved with PMI activities, and meet with PMPs and ask for their help and build your network. Please note that if you are preparing for the PMP exam and have decided to join PMI, do so before applying for the PMP exam so you can get the discounted exam fee. You will get good growth and good knowledge of your career. There is a massive value that all members can obtain from it.

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