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What is Agile HR?

INTRODUCTION Agile is rapidly emerging as the new working standard in our complex world. Across the globe, organizations and teams are redesigning how they work in response to change in their market, and the need to gain competitive advantage through digital innovation. The involvement of Agile for Human Resources are enormous. Current HR and people […]

Agile Coach (ICP ACC): All You Need To Know

Introduction An Agile coach serves as a mentor to the agile team, facilitating agile thinking and practices and empowering the team to reach their goals through developed team practices. By providing focused guidance, the coach increases awareness of the business goals and objectives and acts as a teacher, problem solver, guide, team builder and planner […]


Introduction Some organizations are curious about agile and want to know the benefits of working with this methodology. While there are a number of benefits and opportunities from going agile, there are also a few challenges for leaders to run. Agile will create teams and grip multiple developers against each project, which may mean that […]

How to Explain Agile to Your Stakeholders?

Introduction In Agile development, a stakeholder is anyone outside the development team with a support in the success of the project. If you are a stakeholder, knowledge of Agile will help you understand how the project will be developed and managed, when you can expect to see progress, and what the team needs from you […]

Challenges with User stories and their common Agile practices

Introduction The highest priority for any software company should be to satisfy customers right on time and continuous delivery of valuable software. And this way, a very good definition of Agile is given by Dr. Alistair Cock burn “Deliver Value to Customer quicker, minimize bureaucracy”. Why are many software organizations battling with this? There are […]

So you want to be an agile coach

The role of the Agile Coach may have started in IT, yet it’s currently in solid interest crosswise over different enterprises as associations see the advantages of working in an agile way. In case you’re in the field of program/project management and are looking to up skill for new and energizing jobs, turning into an […]

What Is Your WOW As an Agile Coach?

We need our new Mind Settlers stage to be a computerized aide for deft mentors and specialists. Our application should enable them to be more successful accomplishing genuine change with their groups. Give them a chance to quit talking and begin doing. Things being what they are, what ought to be the WOW minute? What […]

Project Manager to Agile Coach- The journey

With coordinated ending up a greater amount of the standard, endeavors that need to be at the bleeding edge of change normally center on a selection system that includes employing deft experts. These contracts are relied upon to make and encourage a deft culture by instructing workers who might not have any earlier dexterous experience. […]

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