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The Definitive Guide to Agile Framework

Introduction Agile is an umbrella term for several iterative and incremental software development approaches, with each of those variations being its own agile framework. The most popular agile frameworks include Crystal, Scrum, Dynamic Systems Development Method, and Feature-Driven Development. Mendix, in particular, subscribes to the Scrum methodology. While each agile methodology type has its own unique […]

Are You Writing The Best User Stories In Agile?

INTRODUCTION Good user stories are a key element in the Agile methodology – It is from the US that we define the functionalities of the application that we are building. The agile methodology. is based on the principle that the specifications of a project should be easily understandable and maintainable. The purist waterfall model had […]

How to Estimate Story Points in Agile

It’s very crucial to do Agile Estimation at different Levels and proper planning is required, management and estimating the total effort that we are going to implementing, testing, delivering the desired product to the Customer in terms of time specified deadline within it. With huge estimations in an agile project, there may be no proper […]

How Do you Use Agile Results to Realize Your Full Potential? [Needs to be reviewed/scrapped]

Introduction This is a promotion for a book that we’re not selling We all have the potential to know more, do more, be more, and complete more. A lot of us are confident we were born for something more, but instead of sitting idle and doing nothing, we work to reach that potential. Rather than […]

Agile KPIs

INTRODUCTION The promise of agile development maps well to the present disruptive, quick moving business environments. In any case, measuring the success of your agile efforts can be tricky, particularly with regards to ascertaining alignment with business goals. How would you measure success or failure? Are you even measuring the correct things? Any usable metric […]

Want to be Agile Customer?

Customers are an ultimate purchaser of each Solution. They are an essential part of the Lean-Agile development process and the Value Stream and have specific responsibilities in SAFe. Regardless of whether inner or outside, customers are increasingly demanding. They have options. They anticipate that arrangements will function admirably and to unravel their present needs. They […]

What is inspect and adapt in Agile

Inspect and Adapt The Inspect and Adapt (I&A) is a huge occasion, held toward the finish of each Program Increment (PI), where the current condition of the Solution is shown and assessed by the prepare. Groups at that point reflect and recognize enhancement overabundance things by means of an organized, critical thinking workshop. SAFe underlines […]

Delivering Agile to the Next Level

I completed my last post with the announcement Agile will be connected on a considerably more extensive scale soon. Inside legislative associations, industry, new businesses, on an individual level, and so on, yet how? In my next posts I will take a profound make a plunge this energizing story lying before us in five stages: […]

Blockchain and Agile

I present that Blockchain helps with the central issue of Agile combination into vast companies, which is correspondence at scale. For the thought, look to the base of this article πŸ˜‰ This is an investigate Blockchain innovations, hierarchical speculations, and Agile systems. I demonstrate that there are qualities inside Blockchain that supplement the shortcomings of […]

Agile The balance of control and chaos

True Agility is walking the fine line between control and chaos. There was once the question of how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. A ridiculous question for sure, but this is for all intents and purposes exactly what Agile is. Agility enables an increasingly larger number of associates to balance […]

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