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“Automated Testing practices in Agile Development”

Agile development and testing are popular in these days and smart QA testing teams keep pace with ongoing development trends. Testing tools from Agile vary from project management tools to automated tools. may feature were added and delivered in every sprint, so we have to make a way that newly added features should not impact […]

Agile Software Development?

Introduction Agile software development is a way to deal with software development under which prerequisites and arrangements advance through the collective exertion of self-organizing out and cross-functional teams and their users. It advocates versatile arranging, transformative development, early delivery, and nonstop development, and it empowers fast and adaptable reaction to change. The term agile was […]

Requirements in Agile Software Development

When working agile, you should think in terms of: working on width instead of working at depth. The opposite of this would develop one, completely practical subsystem at a time, for instance, the entire product ordering module, or all of the billing functions. But if you’re building wide before building deep, your main priority should […]

Hallmarks of Agile Development Success

What is agile?   Agile is one of the huge popular expressions of the IT improvement industry. Yet, precisely what is Agile development? Put essentially, agile development is an alternate method for overseeing IT improvement teams and activities. The utilization of the word Agile in this setting gets from the Agile statement. A little gathering […]

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