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Leading DevOps – Inspiring and Influencing Enterprise Agility

Introduction Every enterprise today is under tremendous pressure to respond to changing business conditions more quickly. The common term for this responsiveness is agility, and this agility requires building flexible infrastructure and advanced processes to help bring innovative modern applications to the customers more quickly. As the long awaited shift to more sophisticated infrastructure and […]

Three Leadership “Musts” for DevOps

Introduction DevOps has become more than a trend—it’s a survival imperative for the enterprise. In today’s digital economy, software innovation drives business innovation.  The faster developers can deliver on the next sign of software innovation, the faster the business can deliver customer value, bring new revenue brook online, and respond to market events. DevOps practices […]

7 Ways to Get Started with DevOps Today

Introduction Transitioning to a DevOps approach can be a confusing and formidable prospect. Looking at organizations that practice DevOps, we may see a completely foreign country with a different organizational structure, practices, and a formation of new DevOps tools for us to learn. It’s easy to forget that those companies took a long time to […]

How a competitive team applies DevOps and Agile method

Agile has become standard in the today’s application development world. Development teams have been popularly and rapidly adopting it over the past 10 years, as it has been turned out to be an extremely useful technique for producing quality software. Agile has enhanced user experience by providing refined objectives and speedy delivery. In addition to […]

What is Release Management in DevOps?

Introduction  DevOps is the whole process of programming from its start to finishing its delivery, ensuring that the application is executing as per the requirements. In many cases, release managers are the gatekeepers of the change management process of building a piece of programming by means various stages of development and situations. Release Management process […]

SAFe Embraces DevOps

The Scaled Agile Framework serves the business basic of making associations more agile in reacting to digital disruption. DevOps and Release on Demand assume enter jobs in guaranteeing more prominent endeavor readiness. They are basic empowering influences of the capacity to discharge on interest by conquering customary misalignment’s crosswise over Value Streams. SAFe® projects actualize […]

Adopt a DevOps Culture

Building a culture that allows for rapid innovation at all levels. Sitting with a developer from Github at an AWS conference a few years ago, I watched in awe as he reviewed the company’s continuous deployment philosophy and process. The concept was amazing; construct your projects in such a way that you can deploy anytime […]

Scrum And DevOps

DevOps and Agile complement one another to deploy working functionality into production quicker. This article focuses on a subset of DevOps philosophy in the context of Agile development and highlights the key concerns for DevOps and Agile to be for accelerated delivery. Introduction In an IT organization, the operations team (Ops) provides the direct interface between IT and the business/end user. Often, ops is that the first purpose of contact for the end-user community.  An Ops organization would typically include the group that takes over the […]


What is DevOps? DevOps is an arrangement of practices that robotizes the procedures between programming advancement and IT groups, all together that they can manufacture, test, and discharge programming speedier and all the more dependable. The idea of DevOps is established on building a culture of a coordinated effort between teams that verifiably worked in […]

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