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Top 5 Career Paths for Scrum Masters

Introduction A scrum master has knowledge about both scrum and agile. For career progression, any role can be chosen from the available options. If someone is a scrum master or thinking to follow the career choice, then career path is a must. A scrum master want to know what ladder is expected to climb and […]

Daily Scrum: Not Just for Scrum Masters

Introduction The Daily Scrum is not just for the Scrum Master. Instead of a “status meeting” for the manager, it should be seen as a forum where team members are synchronizing their work. We prefer to think of the daily scrum as a synchronization meeting. Team members are synchronizing their work: Here’s what we did […]

Can the Scrum Master also be the Product Owner?

Introduction If you’ve experimented with scrum, you’re likely familiar with the Product Owner and Scrum Master roles. But just in case you’re not, here’s a quick breakdown: The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that the team follows the Scrum process, while the Product Owner ensures that the team spends time building things that bring the most […]

Top 5 Career Paths for Scrum Masters

Introduction Scrum is an agile framework that provides the facility of easy implementation. Perks by scrum are not only for the organization but also for the customers and team members. A professional scrum master provides a more enjoyable place for his team to work. As he knows when people enjoy what they do, the quality […]

Scrum Master as Agile Leader

Introduction Agile development methodology has been around for a number of years now and has become the norm for many tech companies. How can it be that some organizations really succeed in Agile, while others struggle? Furthermore, how can it be that there are teams that think they are Agile because they practice agile concepts […]

Will Scrum Master Certification Help to Boost Career?

Introduction Scrum master training or Scrum master certifications can be identified as one of the many courses, where employees are become up self- motivated and can be propelled to perform huge responsibilities. If you are planning to adopt Scrum in your company, the expectations will be higher regarding increasing productivity, appreciating employee morale and getting […]

What soft skills does a good scrum master need?

Introduction The role of a scrum master is perhaps the most underrated and least understood by all who are new to Agile. While some confuse the role of a Scrum Master to that of a Project Manager, others underestimate the importance of a Scrum Master to the success of a project. Scrum masters possess a […]

Questions Every Good Scrum Master Should Be Asking

So, you want to be a Scrum Master? Let’s start with the basic list of top skills outlined in the LinkedIn research: Agile Methodologies,Software Project Management, Scrum Requirements Analysis, SQL Maybe, “Agile” in general is an increasingly a kind of management fab but a trend the moment. Yet, what we can state without a doubt […]

What is the eligibility criteria and process to become a Scrum Master

Anyone can become a certified scrum Master, irrespective of their background or industry, provided they receive correct training in recognized institutions. Before looking at what’s expected of a scrum Master, one should 1st perceive the concept of the scrum framework. Scrum could be a light-weight agile management framework primarily used for software system development tasks, […]

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