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Content marketing is one of the most strategic marketing approach that focuses on generating content that adds value and is relevant to attract and retain a targeted audience. The main aim is to attract profitable customer action. The content is created  using images, blogs, videos, podcast etc. 

Goals that advertisers keep in mind while creating content:

1)Brand Awareness

2)Generating Leads

3)Engaging the Audience

4)Generating Sales

5)Retaining customers

For Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy you should follow the following steps:

1) Make sure to identify business goals.

2)Have a plan on how to deliver those goals with help of your marketing team.

3)Have a target audience.

4) Analyse what kind of content your target audience wishes to see.

5) Make sure you choose appropriate promotions and distribution channels for your target audience.

6) See how can you convert your targeted audience to your regular customers

7) Design calls-to-action and event triggers for tracking and measuring performance and goal completions.

8) Ensure you are following the above steps and analyse at regular intervals where can you improve.

Why is Content Marketing so important?

1)Without proving content to your audience, your business won’t run. When audience is provided with relevant content it informs them about your business. They show keen interest into your business by looking at the type of content you have posted. If you have quality content posted, that adds value to the audience, they  can become your regular customers.

2)There are so many people who might be searching for products from your industry. It is important to include the keywords that they are using to search for the products in your content. This will help your website appear on the first page of Google search.

3) Content brings people to your site, and it’s also the part of your site that earns links from other websites. Links are a key SEO ranking factor. That means that if you acquire enough links from other sites, you can create pages of content, add them to Google, and have them rank on the first page

4)Nowadays it is very important to have social media accounts for your business. All these platforms will help you promote your products and services. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc are some examples of  social media platforms.

5)The more content you give, the better it is since, it shows that you know a lot about the products and services you are providing and the audience visiting your site don’t have to search on Google separately about the product or service.


Hence, the most important element of content marketing to be kept in mind is to provide content that is relevant, relatable, simple and adds value to your audience. Without giving quality content to your audience your business won’t run.

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