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These are trying times for everyone, but especially for artists trying to be heard. The year is 2021 and with most of the world in a pandemic, artists are still trying to tap into the music industry so their voices can be heard. Getting your music heard by the right people is one of the hardest things to do in the industry, but with a strong digital marketing plan behind you, and keep grinding attitude anything is possible!


The first thing we do as an artist is, identify our target audience just like with any other digital marketing, who are we appealing to. Whether you are a country artist, jazz singer, or heavy metal rock group, each artist has their own demographic or group of fans. What we need to do is get seen and heard from the most people the quickest way possible, for that we have both marketing tools and marketing platforms.

Marketing Tools

There are a handful of marketing tools for artists in the music industry, each serving a unique purpose in pushing the artist forward:

Amplify – Create a profile so you can shorten your content links.

Buzzstream – Drive traffic to your socials and help build brand awareness.

Hubspot – CRM software to help grow traffic and maintain campaigns on all platforms at the same time.

Spotify For Artists – Keep track of your analytics, playlist additions, listeners. Submit to mainstream playlists.

Marketing Platforms

Now more than ever artists are using marketing platforms to grow a bigger audience. The most used and most effective being:

Advertising – paid for marketing digitally to generate traffic to your sites.

Blogs/Mainstream Media – blogs, tv, radio, magazines all help build an artist’s interest.

Customer Relationship Management

(CRM) – emails and DMs even text messages to directly reach your loyal fanbase will help keep the audience engaged.

Digital Service Providers (DSP’s) – Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Youtube each having their own playlist to help artists connect with listeners.

Social Media – direct way to keep fans in the know of what the artist is doing next, has done, and will be doing in the future.

Word of Mouth – old-fashioned but effective if the audience likes what they’re seeing and hearing.

Good Luck

With so many artists in the world don’t forget to use all the tools available to grow your brand. Facebook analytics can help target your audience in a different way than Instagram will, but you can fine-tune your way by using both correctly.

Each tool and platform can be used harmoniously with one another to achieve an artist’s marketing goals. It’s 2021 and most people are stuck at home, use this time now to get your voice and message across as an artist.

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