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How To Build Your Brand As A Chef?

 Find your niche and try to stand out from your competitors as much as possible.

One of the biggest challenges as chefs is building your own brand and marketing it as well. It becomes overwhelming when there is so much competition from other food businesses and you don’t know where to start. Building a strong personal brand is essential and always has been if you want to stand out. 

A planned Digital Marketing strategy will help you with:

  • The best digital channels and ad types to reach your audience. It also helps to segment, target and personalize your ads.
  • Coordinate your ads across channels and devices.
  • Optimize and measure the effectiveness of your ads.

Key Digital Marketing Steps For Chefs In Building Their Own Personal And Professional Brand.

Step 1: Build Your Website

For any type of business or branding, a great website is a stepping stone for its success. You can create  your own website with free website builders available.

Here is the list of some of the  free and best website builders:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Strikingly
  • Jimbo

Among them is really easy to use in general because it’s a ‘ready-to-go’ platform, meaning you can quickly get your website up and running. It is also the best platform for blogging sites for your recipes. 

Easy to build  chef theme website templates

Let’s start with how easy it is to actually create a website:

  1. Choose a Domain name and  Hosting for your food site.  A Domain name is your website address on the internet, also known as  URL. Your website domain name should be related to the food niche you chose. Utilize keywords connected to your food or recipe genre. Check some of the free Chefs WordPress Themes and Templates for your website.
  2. Web Hosting, on the other hand, is where your website files are stored. Here is the complete guide on how to install wordpress from your computer.
  3. Install WordPress plugins . Yoast SEO plugin is important in order to rank on search engines  and be discovered by your target audience. Another great plugin is which shrinks your images, without sacrificing quality, so that they’re instantly speed-optimized.

Step 2: Optimize Your Website For SEO

Increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

SEO stands for search Engine Optimization. It  is a series of tactics designed to rank your website as highly as possible in search engines  such as Google  in the unpaid section, also known as the organic listing. SEO is everything in terms of organic traffic to your website.

You can boost your SEO by taking the following actions:

  1. Create a blog on your website full of engaging and relevant content.
  2. Use both internal links ( to other pages of your site) and external links (to affiliate websites,  sources  of data).
  3. Create a Google My Business Account.
  4. If you are new to SEO check further educating yourself about SEO for more help.
  5. Pay-Per-Click Advertising is one of the most targeted and cost effective ways to advertise. If you invest in PPC you’d like to have to find out how many conversions it results. To be able to do this a good site set up is important. It may take a bit of work but it gives you a lot of control and information back.

Step 3: Choose your Social Media Wisely

It is important to be good at what you do, but essential to sell it well.

Famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart are all very qualified, extremely talented chefs, so why is Ramsay recognized all over the world? The answer is marketing. He has created a successful brand that reaches across the globe. Social media done right can be a powerful, affordable marketing tool.

There are a lot of Social Media Platforms that can be incorporated into your digital marketing Strategy:

While on one hand these social media platforms present  brands with opportunities to reach growing audiences on emerging platforms, there’s also an increasing challenge around how to best allocate resources and attention among the sea of options now at the disposal of marketers around the world. Here are some top picks for the  social media sites to help you decide which platforms are going to be right for your chef brand.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube can help improve your skills, supplement your income, and change your career!

YouTube hails as the second most popular search engine in the world today. According to a survey people are watching videos related to recipes and cooking at a rate over 45% higher than the same period earlier. Food and Cooking is the fastest growing vertical on Youtube. As a chef, it’s important to keep expanding your brand and think of fresh ways to share your ideas. And what better way than to give them life through video!

Simple Steps To Start  A YouTube Cooking Show:

  1. To start a successful channel you need to first practice how to break down your recipes into easy-to-understand steps.
  2. Youtube is about video so you will need to learn the basics of photography, videography, editing to make best looking content possible. This is important as you need your food to look good and also compress the hours it takes to make something into minutes that holds the attention of a viewer.
  3. To gain a loyal base of subscribers, you should upload at least one video per week. This can be done by simply recording  yourself cooking on your phone and uploading it to YouTube through the app or browser. Here is a complete guide to create an account on YouTube.
  4. Viewers want to see a unique twist on each dish you do, because that’s what will keep them interested.The most important thing on creating new content on YouTube is do something slightly different than other cooking channels. And this can be done by creating a content calendar, keeping an eye on trends by tuning  into your competitors channel and YouTube’s trending page.
  5. Create a relationship with your subscribers by asking them what they would like to see  you cook by asking them to leave comments on your videos.
  6. A good week of themed recipes is a great way to bring attention to your channel. You could do an all-vegan week, a cooking with the family week, and leftover food challenge. This gets people in the habit of checking out your channel everyday.
  7. Encourage your viewers to like and subscribe.
  8. Collaborate with other youtube creators, this allows you to interact with a whole new group of viewers.
  9. When you gain enough subscribers and watch hours on your channel, you can monetize your videos, or allow YouTube to put ads on them.

Share On Other Social Media Platforms:

When filming is done, you are going to need a few pictures to create a deliciously inviting thumbnail for each video. Take some dedicated pictures for Instagram and Facebook pages. Embed your video in the blog post of your website.

You should always optimize the title, description and tags of your videos with correct keywords. YouTube analytics also offer key insights about how people consume your content. Use this information to adjust your videos and make them more relevant to your subscribers.

 Instagram Marketing

Connect with people from around the world, get more exposure, and build your own brand.

Instagram is another excellent platform for chefs because of the world-wide appeal. Food photos are highly popular. The world of culinary marketing was forever changed in 2010 when Instagram launched. According to a survey 90-95% of the people who came to your Instagram page may never return.

Make a Business Profile:

There are two kinds of Instagram profiles: personal and business. Making a business profile will allow you to have access to powerful data and analytics. Create an Instagram Business Account in 8 simple steps. Instagram has also opened up analytics on their platform for business profiles, so you no longer need a third-party app to track or measure your audience interest.

Connect with your audience:

Figure out who you are and be comfortable telling your personal and business’ stories and connecting with your audience. Talk about the challenges you face, show the audience a look behind-the scenes. 

Network with other chefs that you meet on Instagram and are just as important and supportive. Send them direct messages and tell them how much you love their page or ask them for advice.

Photography Skills:

Aim to inspire with every post!

Develop Photography skills. Focus on your style or trademark and try new things on your page. You have to think about how the photos will look in a fan’s feed. Whether a chef or getting into restaurant space, there is nothing that can benefit you more than being able to take and edit photos.

Posting Content:

Create a plan and schedule for your content. Post consistently, that doesn’t mean you need to post everyday. Posting no more than 4-5 times a week. The great news is, people don’t unfollow you because they don’t see content from your handle. Make sure what you are posting is compelling and really tells your story.

Hashtag and Tags:

A post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag. If you took a picture of a cake, use  #cake #dessertgoals , and #food. It is worth creating a hashtag strategy for your brand if you want to row your account!

Instagram Stories:

Instagram story allows your followers to see images and videos that may not make it to your feed often. You can make it a part of your  marketing strategy to improve audience engagement, visibility and content.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a great space to broaden your reach and develop brand identity.
  • 2.7 billion people use Facebook every month to connect with friends and family and to discover things that matter. Find new connections and build lasting relationships with them. Here’s what you’ll need to set up your Facebook Page .
  • Photos are essential for successful Facebook marketing. Users can upload photos directly from their phone and edit them right in Facebook. It features the ability to crop photos, add filters, stickers, text, and doodles. You can take a photo of food pop, add funny quotes and do much more.
  • Not only by posting great content can you get the word out to your fans, but you can target a specific demographic through advertising. The more interactions guests have with your Facebook page, the greater the opportunity that current and future fans have seeing your Facebook posts.
  •  Facebook Live is another tasty tool that chefs  and restaurants are utilizing. Go live and promote your brand or show how you prepare a favorite dish. It doesn’t have to be perfect but being authentic is  important.

 Email List

Establishing an email list is one of the best ways to market directly to your customers. Offering a signup button(also known as a call-to-action) on your business Facebook Page encourages customers to sign up for your newsletter. Even if you don’t have an email newsletter set up yet, you can still start collecting emails. Mailchimp offers email services that are easy to integrate with websites and Facebook.

LinkedIn Marketing

Become a mentor and influencer and build your own personal brand.

Generally LinkedIn is quite under-used by chefs and the restaurant sector. This platform is especially to connect with a more commercial/professional audience. LinkedIn gives you access to an online community of like minded people working as chefs. Start with Signing Up To Join LinkedIn.

1. The first step is to upload a profile picture. Members love to see who they’re connecting with. Next  add your industry and skills as it is important to choose the right industry when creating your profile.  Learn more about  how to create a good LinkedIn profile.

2. You can join groups, build a network of professional chefs, swap ideas, pictures, recipes, techniques, and  projects. You get to interact with industry experts and peers as well as the chance to become a mentor and influencer and build your own personal brand. 

3. Build your LinkedIn network by connecting with other users. Promote endorsements and use invitations to create further connection with other LinkedIn users.

Choosing The Right Tool 

No matter which social media sites you decide to spend your time on, you’ll need to employ the right tools in order to be successful in growing an audience and achieving an ROI on your campaign.

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