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The pandemic resulted in significant changes in the way we approach things, especially when it comes to how we do business. The Digital Marketing world has seen a tremendous increase in popularity and demand. Pretty much everyone who sells a service or a product is focusing on increasing their engagement online.

What about the world of health coaches? As a health coach, do you think Digital Marketing should be a priority? If so, how can you make sure you increase your clientele and grow your business by using Digital Marketing tools in 2021?

Health coaching is no different than many other industries in the 21st century in the sense that it could benefit greatly from online presence just as much as the others. However, the key is to use online marketing effectively to succeed.

First, let’s start by saying that you don’t have to do everything to succeed. There are many ways you can go about your Digital Marketing strategy, and how you choose to proceed is completely up to how much you are willing to spend, who your target demographic is, and how much time you are willing to put into your Digital Marketing efforts. Choosing the right path, combined with the right content strategy, should get you an increased level of online engagement and client base!

Here are some of great options for health coaches all around the world:

  • Website: The first and foremost Digital Marketing initiative you should consider is whether to have a website or not. The answer most likely is a yes! The good news is, creating a website is not as scary as it sounds thanks to many applications such as WordPress! Doesn’t matter if you have a degree in web design or not; even a free WordPress account provides you with many templates and assistance throughout. You will be surprised and pleased with the results!

So what are the elements of a good website? They are mainly good design, a

fast-loading website, clear messaging, and easy-to-find contact information. It might

seem like a lot, but once you start, you will notice that these elements are coming together very harmoniously.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Let’s talk about another obvious one! A part of SEO is to make sure that your website is updated regularly, but there are many other elements of SEO that might interest you. SEO is the practice of making your website more visible through online search. An effective SEO strategy makes sure that your website shows up better when people search for information related to your industry on search engines. SEO is one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing strategies, and if you’re not confident with doing it yourself, you can always hire a firm to do it for you.
  • Social Media: As a health coach, social media is where you would be providing varied content in the areas of health and wellness, or share insights on areas that make you unique as a coach. In addition to selling yourself, in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, you want to be informative and conversational.
    • Facebook Groups: If your target demographic is on Facebook, then great! Closed Facebook groups are great places to build community. You can engage with your audience and have conversations with many potential clients and even organize and run events from these groups.
    • Facebook Live: Make a plan of what you will talk about, and go for it! Facebook Live is a great way to reach a lot of people who are interested in health and wellness.
    • Facebook Ads: A more “advanced” strategy would be paid marketing on Facebook. Facebook Ads could be very beneficial for your business if you are super clear about who you serve, you know what your target audience wants if you have an automated marketing system in place, and if you have a dedicated monthly marketing budget. Whether it is brand awareness, list building or promotion, paid marketing is a great tool to effectively reach your goals!
  • Guest Blog Posts: Blog posts are a great way to communicate with your target audience if you like writing! A guest blog is basically where you write a blog post that gets posted on someone else’s site. For this strategy to work, you want to find the owners of blogs that people who are interested in health and wellness read. You want to share your best stuff- and you want to get them published where there is a lot of traffic.
  • Get booked on Podcasts: Being a guest on a health and wellness Podcast might suit you more if you’re better at “talking it up” rather than writing. Make sure to introduce yourself well, and talk about your services and offerings in the most engaging way possible.
  • Webinars: Speaking is the cheapest and fastest way to build and grow your business, so if speaking is one of your strengths, you should use it to your advantage. Webinars are a great opportunity for those who are focusing on marketing their health coaching business online. You can grow your client list, create many meaningful connections, and sell your products to multiple people in one session!
  • Email Marketing: Sending regular emails to contacts and clients is an amazing way to remind yourself of your clients and convert those who are on the fence about your services. Email Marketing might sound outdated to some, but it is actually still the highest-converting form of digital marketing, so don’t underestimate it! As long as your content provides relevant and relevant information, there is no reason why you shouldn’t succeed with this strategy! Don’t forget to find a balance with your emailing as over-communicating might turn people off.
  • Digital Advertising: There are many versions of digital advertising; pay-per-click ads on Google, social media ads, display advertising, and much more. Digital advertising works best for specific lead-generation promotions. Facebook and Google are the largest online advertising options, and they have easy-to-understand tutorials for those who are new to the world of digital advertising. This strategy is meant to drive higher volumes of traffic to key pages on your site and it could do wonders for your business if you use it right!


As a health coach, you’re surrounded with an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to digital strategies to grow your business. What you need to decide is which options work best for you and your clientele, and for that, you need to do your research! Who is your target audience? What do they like to see on their social media channels? How do they respond to ads, do they attend webinars? Once you have answers, you have the keys needed to see tremendous growth!

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