Digital Marketing Strategy for Authors/Writers

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By ~ Zooni Butt

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Marketing is said to be the lifeline to any business. Even if you have a super technical product out in the market you will need to take its place in the B2B market. The same goes with the very creative side of all the creative genres, the writing. Authors and writers need to put out the word for their book before it’s even launched so that they can target the right audience as much as possible. It is said that the best time for an author to start marketing his/her book is right when they get the idea of it. Obviously, it takes time to build the right kind of audience, and to achieve the goal an author has to for its upcoming product in the market. So here I have a list of marketing strategies that every author should consider in order to achieve their desired goal.

So it comes with the steps of following marketing strategies: 

Find your audience :

The goal is to find the right kind of audience for your product. The content that is created in the book ready to go out the door should be able to attract the audience that it serves the need for. For example, there is a recipe book by John Doe called  “Sea Food Recipes.” His book has all sorts of recipes for seafood mongers but it can also attract an audience that deals with different meat besides seafood. Therefore, the author will need to start attracting his audience by setting a goal and then using online marketing strategies besides the traditional method to attract his audience and achieve his desired goal.

Set a Goal:

The desired goal leads to a productive outcome and helps in the statistics of buy and sell. So in this case when an author is looking to sell his product his desired goal must be reaching out to a certain audience. In this case, the author wants to reach a 100+k audience using various marketing tools.

Digital Marketing Tools:

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The author should build a 1 on 1 relationship with his readers/followers. This is to create a powerful image in the market of your product. Branding it in a way that you engage the audience in your product can help build a strong appearance for your audience. People generally are driven to the type of context that serves their purpose. If they get the answer to what they were looking for in the content they will continue to show their loyalty. When engaging your audience gets a smaller number of people that are engaged than a large number of followers. It will also spread the word and increase the volume of buyers/readers for your book.  To set up such grounds for marketing there are some key components that are effective for branding and digitally marketing your product:

  • Creating a website with powerful content, a QA section to build a bond with your audience. You can divide your website into a few useful pages such as Home page, Book, About, and contact. One of the best platforms that are recommended to new authors is where you can customize your content to what you like. WordPress can also be used to develop blogs. This is where you create content that you can have control over and customize to best suit you. However, the domain name will be a generic one with If you are looking to create a site with a more personalized name then you would want to get a domain from any hosting site. Typically they cost somewhere from $10 to $28 or more. Some of the good hosting sites are and
  • It is very important to establish a social media presence. Social media sites are quite simple to use and they help you connect to your audience. When you create content and be selective when using social media sites. Pick a few sites that serve the purpose. And help you achieve your goals to give you statistics about your followers. Facebook is a great platform where you can find other authors and writers selling their products. You can collaborate with them to gain the benefits of social media cross-marketing. You will need to be strong with your copyright facts so that you own your content completely. Creating a small documentary about yourself and your book can bring more audience to your site. Some other popular sites recommended for authors include; Twitter, Linkedin, and Snapchat, Instagram, and Medium.
  • Creating an online version of this book and selling it on amazon bookstore and as an audiobook on kindle. Podcasts are also a useful tool that allows you to have a live chat about your product and can respond to your audience at the same time.
  • Find a traditional book publisher for a physical display of your book, offer a free review to your audience. This is an excellent way to engage the audience and bring in more readers to get to know your product.
  • Paid Per Click Marketing can help you with an increase in volume and get those 100+k followers you need to accomplish your goal
  • SEO Marketing is creating content that targets your audiences and is a very popular marketing strategy among authors/writers. where Digital Marketing is an excellent way to get the word out of the door, it does take some time to establish yourself and see the results. In order to get the result faster one should:
  1. tweet 4 times per day about the book
  2. Write a guest post that can be also a quote from another author
  3. post your blog every two weeks
  4. send a newsletter once every month

The main goal is to get the audience engaged with your content and spread the word. Whereas, going through a traditional publisher is important it is very important to digitally market your book and your name. These helpful tools help build an online presence for your book and allows you to know what your reader thinks and telling you about your book. If you are an author reading this blog, good luck to you on your next book release!

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