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Google is the most famous search engine service by an American
company established in 1998. Along with other search engine services
such as Yahoo and Bing, Google is people number 1 choice. It has
evolved as new features have been announced, and one of the products
is Google My Business.

Google My Business is a free tool that allows the business
community to promote their businesses to the optimum level. It is to help
you to gain more customers and boosting your business. By creating a
business profile and website with Google My Business, you can interact
with the customers, get reviews to improvise your business, and manage
your business well.


  1. It is zero cost.
    GMB is a hundred percent free with no limitation and no hidden
    charges. Whether your business is a start-up or small, you still can use
    this service with no worry.
  2. Generate leads
    GMB helps to generate leads, especially to the local targets or tourists.
    Google recommends the customers to reach out to you based on your
    GMB website. So, it is important to update your GMB website, make your
    business information clear and gives the best services to gain positive
    reviews. The more positive reviews you get, the easier Google could help
    generate the lead.
  3. Amazing features as Social Media
    Besides just fills in the information, there are some features that you
    can use as your new “Social Media”. There is a feature of Google Posts
    where you can post short notices or promotions, company news,
    upcoming events, or even blog posts. You can also observe your GMB
    website’s insights. Four perspectives highlight the insights are direct,
    discovery, and branded. The direct perspective is the search of your
    business name or brand. The discovery is the search for a category,
    product, or service, while the branded is the search for a brand related to your business.

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