How are Brands Adapting to Covid-19

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Since the outbreak of Covid-19, several businesses have had to reconsider their strategies to stay ahead in a corona-virus world. With the increase in Covid-19 cases, the world economy has fallen rapidly and if this continues how will businesses survive? Why pivot fast with strong data-driven techniques and strategies that will engage customers with your brand? In this New Pandemic World, the brands that adapt quickly and which are customer-centric will be the ones that will stay ahead in the business among others.

Immersed Customer lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value is one of the key strategies brands are focusing on. Personalized digital interaction with customers is the main priority for brands in this pandemic. Many B2B marketing has coalesced with B2C for a much robust marketing focus. Brands must understand the customer lifetime value and the strategy used must be focused on customer health, safety, and lifestyle. Brands in the future will concentrate on broadening their customer interactions, digital experience, and customer lifetime value which is substantial in marketing.

Improving The In-home Experience

More than ever, people are using mobile phones and other devices to stream videos and spend time on social media platforms. Covid-19 has boosted internet usage above 70% and online streaming by more than 12% Brands must improve customers’ In-home experience because they are mostly active on Digital channels. It must come up with ideas that can deliver entertainment and also improve personal connections for customers. A major player like Netflix is using services like Netflix parties that connect friends and families, and other top fitness brands are offering customers fitness trials to keep them connected with the customers and be active on their platform.

Agility In Marketing Strategy

Brands are focused more on carrying out agility in marketing. The agile marketing approach is all about foreseeing and responding to early signs of change and turning indications into actionable insights. Brands can oversee external changes by integrating customer insights and marketing automation. Data-driven insights and agility in the creative and marketing strategy will improve pivoting the brand with the highest return on investment. Agility in marketing is a responsive and adaptable process that will help in many ways to attract and retain customers.

Adapting To Changes

This Pandemic has shown that changes are to be adapted to meet the end goals of the brand. Brands must tend to be proactive and thoughtful in their marketing approach in a way that will add value to the business. Covid-19 has changed everything around the world and this means that brands need to shift to a newer approach in pivoting their marketing strategy to become the leader in their line of business.

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