How to Increase Brand Awareness Online

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With so many businesses alike, what makes yours stand out from the rest? Are you an early entrant in the industry or do you offer the lowest price possible?

In today’s competitive landscape, it can be difficult to compete in a saturated market and simply gaining an edge without consistent actions that compliment this advantage, won’t cut it anymore.

Executing a multitude of marketing measures has proven to be challenging. More so, staying in tune with your company’s goals is another aspect to consider.

Luckily, we are here to provide a few universal suggestions on how to leverage your brand awareness.

But first, what is Brand Awareness?

To answer this, ask yourself these two questions first: “are my customers only recognizing my brand based on my logo?” and “do my customers have the full experience of what my brand offers?” Think about it.

In essence, brand awareness is simply upscaling your company’s game plan for recognition to a wholesome level. And in this wholesome frontier, customers acknowledge your business and the meaningful impact it has towards them. At this point, customers trust your brand and choose your products/services consistently, over the other rivals who provide the same. The way to achieve this does not stop with providing a great logo or top notch products that come with pre and post purchase services. It has to be done every step of the way, say perhaps, the Inbound way.

Finally, here are our tips:

1. Know your business like the back of your hand.

Quite literally

It can be easy to jump into the social media train of posting here and there, and then get lost with your efforts. By the end of the day, you’re left with data that does not translate into sales or positive results. Treat your business like an individual with its own persona, its own strengths, weaknesses, etc. and work from there.

Key takeaway: Remember your target audience, the nature of your business, and the edge your product or service has and then branch outwards from the basics.

2. Participate in events that support your brand

There is no other way to put it, you can definitely do the good old fashioned word of mouth campaign in a centralized location where you can network with different people as well as with your target audience. In return, this can help in boosting brand awareness but also lead generation.

But if you’re not too keen to explore the outside space, there are multiple platforms such as Discord, Zoom, Twitch and many more, where you can host and join events.

Key takeaway: There is nothing wrong with engaging with your customers that is not on the digital platform. Sometimes we have to go back to something a little more direct and upfront. 

3. Disseminate Eye Catching Infographics

Eye. Catching. Graphics…Try it!

With the digital age revolutionizing the way we do business, creating some catchy infographics about your brand and what your company has to offer is one solid way to inform users without forcefully pushing them to buy your product/service.

Key takeaway: If your infographic is shareable, more people can learn about what you offer and what your company represents.

4. Choosing The Organic Way

Because it does!

When we think about online campaigns and digital collaterals, immediately we are wired to react by doing a paid ad or that we need to pay a lump sum of money in order to cope with the turbulent competition. But the beauty of organic marketing is that there is no ceiling when it comes to posting and one of the few considerations is the timings of when you need to post online-the hours that your target audience is most active. With so many organic channels to support and boost your content, the possibilities are endless.

Key takeaway: Refrain from impulsively reaching to your wallet and try the organic way first.

5. The Opportunity In SEO and Blogging

We all know that a brand’s website should be treated as a platform where the targeted audience can do everything with just a few clicks. From browsing the catalogue of the products/services and giving them an option of saving an item that they want without immediately having to pay for it,
are all good measures to make your customers feel welcome and valued without pushing them too forcefully to buy your products/services.

But answering their questions via blogs and keywords that have been placed in the brand’s website is just the cherry on top that makes it all the more pivotal.

Placing a blog as a means to provide more insight into your business helps your customers make well-informed decisions and if presented correctly, it can give them a sense of trust towards your brand by simply being informative, regardless of whether they choose to checkout their cart or not.

Key takeaway: Blogging is one good way to insert long tail keywords for you to be searchable online and it’s a chance for your company to answer the questions of your customers. Take the case with Insightly and a few others for instance.

6. Consistency and Alignment

Lastly, it is key to be consistent in all your efforts. May it be the colors that have been used for the logo, the exceptional customer service provided, or the satisfaction your product/service brings. In the end, every effort to complement your brand must be coherent and cohesive to the overall mission and persona of your company.

Key takeaway: Coherency builds the avenue for your audience to remember your brand.


One solution to increase brand awareness does not fit all businesses. Generally, going back to the roots of your company and branching out from there, can help with formulating creative strategies for your branding game.

Which ones did you like best? Let us know in the comments.


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