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Become a Licensed Digital Marketing Specialist in Digital Marketing ™. in Digital Marketing ™

You’ve worked on the strategies for marketing, but your work is calling for more in-depth, more advanced methods. The Licensed Digital Marketing Specialist Course teaches you all of the high-level specialized information you need to know, from advanced marketing methods, adapting to a changing marketplace, learning unique web cultures, reductive marketing methods to avoid, and more.

Comprehensive 3 months of Live Training

  • Introduction to Advanced Digital Marketing
  • Slash and burn marketing methods
  • Reactive Marketing & Online Culture
  • Sponsored Content & Affiliates
  • Understanding Owned Space & Filling a Niche
  • Adaptation
  • Small sh in a big pond
  • Understanding Website Culture


  • Find your niche and how even seemingly obscure markets can be bigger than expected
  • How to continuously adapt to an ever-changing culture
  • Utilize more marketing techniques like sponsorships, affiliates, and what to avoid
  • Earning– and more importantly, retaining– customer trust
  • How to stand out in a sea of competing marketing
  • More advanced digital marketing methods

  • Traditional marketers and marketing executives who want enhance their digital marketing
  • Marketers who want to build on what they learned in the Digital Marketing Master course
  • Those ready to adapt to the new world of marketing
  • Small business owners who want to grow or mature into their niche


You’ve got the basics of Agile Marketing down, but there’s such an expanse of more advanced information, you need foundations for the more advanced concepts and strategies.

Foundations of interactive and advanced Digital Marketing

  • Conduct and behavior
  • Trust and retaining consumers
  • Availability
  • Cause and effect
  • Culture

Advanced Digital Marketing strategies

  • Reactive Marketing Digital Research
  • Sponsored Content
  • Affiliates
  • Interactivity

Digital Research

  • Audience Research
  • Social Listening Platforms
  • Social Listening and Audience

Cultural Research

  • Competitive Research Platforms and Tools
  • Industry Trend Research
  • Digital Research

Slash and Burn Marketing Methods

Something arguably more important than just knowing what to do, is knowing what not to do. Many marketing methods are adopting strategies that have little concern for future marketing prospects, moving forward in an unsustainable way.

What Makes Slash and Burn Marketing Unsustainable

  • Open to the Future
  • Alienating Markets
  • Changing Culture

Slash and Burn Marketing Cause and Effect

  • Short-Term benets of Slash and Burn Marketing
  • Long-Term downsides of Slash and Burn Marketing
  • Cause and Effect examples
  • How Slash and Burn Marketing Interacts with Constantly Changing Culture

Aspects of Slash and Burn Marketing

  • (Certain types of) Reactive Marketing
  • Hard niche appeasement
  • Lack of foresight

Reactive Marketing & Online Culture

Reactive Marketing is a very popular aspect of marketing that’s been around for a long time. Today, though, it’s easier to practice because of how fast news travels. Within minutes of an event, a company can have social media posts made, and within days, a commercial airing on TV. What is Reactive Marketing, and what are the benets and drawbacks?

Reactive Marketing, What Is It?

  • Basics of Reactive Marketing
  • Reactive Marketing and Consumer Culture
  • Picking What’s Reacted To
  • Fitting the Company Image

The Importance of Culture

  • Understanding Modern Culture Trends
  • When to Change
  • Adapting While Keeping a Core Audience
  • How Culture Affects Where to Market
  • Standing With Culture, Not Using

Consumer Trust

  • Establishing Trust Through a Common Ground
  • Best Practices for Developing Trust Through Each Step of the Customer Journey
  • How Culture Affects Trust
  • Retaining Trust

What your brand means

  • Understanding Your Inuence
  • Your Brand’s Impact
  • Company Actions

Sponsored Content & Affiliates

Understanding Sponsored Content

  • What Sponsored Content Is
  • Benets of Sponsored Content
  • Choosing Target Audience

The Hows and Whys of Sponsored Content

  • What to Promote
  • Understanding Who to Choose
  • What to Expect from a Sponsorship

Understanding Owned Space & Filling a Niche

Overtaken Markets

  • Recognizing a market occupied space
  • How to grow your brand in a market
  • already occupied
  • Breaking into new market spaces

Filling a Niche

  • Finding Your Market
  • Accepting and Growing Within That Market
  • Marketing to Your Market
  • Safe vs. Risky marketing
  • Learning what to expect


Adapting to New Culture

  • Understanding Culture
  • Why Culture is Changing So Rapidly
  • How to Adapt with the Changes in Culture
  • How to Future-Proof your Brand

Adapting to New Technologies and Marketing Venues

  • Researching New Tech and Venues
  • Implementing New Tech Into Your Marketing
  • Utilizing a Public Shift in Your Marketing

Small Fish in a Big Pond

Standing Out

  • How to Stand Out in an Oversaturated Market
  • Setting Realistic Goals

Market Trends

  • Watching Large Market Trends
  • When to Follow, When to Go Against the Grain

Understanding Website Culture

Understanding Website Culture

  • Getting Experience
  • Adapting Your Marketing to Fit
  • Understanding the Audience

Utilizing Website Culture

  • How to Appeal
  • Understanding Specic Aspects of a Website
  • Watching and Maintaining a Presence

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