SAFe Principles

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SAFe depends on nine changeless, fundamental Lean and Agile Principles. These fundamentals and financial ideas rouse and educate the parts and practices of SAFe.

Why the Focus on Principles?

Building venture class programming and digital physical frameworks are a standout amongst the most complex difficulties our industry faces today. For example:

  • It requires a huge number of lines of programming It consolidates complex equipment and programming communications
  • It crosses different simultaneous stages
  • It must fulfill requesting and unforgiving Nonfunctional Requirements (NFRs)


The SAFe® principles are very powerful but they can be quite hard for people to understand and therefore wholeheartedly support.

To this end, we have created an arrangement of cards that we trust display the nine SAFe® principles in a self-contained, readily accessible fashion — allowing executives, pioneers, and colleagues to promptly comprehend them and rapidly evaluate their importance. This is something that is invaluable at any stage of a SAFe® adoption.

What Are The SAFe Principles?

Notwithstanding completely supporting the spry pronouncement and its 12 deft standards, SAFe advances its own particular place of lean and presents the accompanying nine integral lean-coordinated standards:

SAFe Lean-Agile Principles

# 1 – Take a financial view

# 2 – Apply frameworks considering

# 3 – Assume changeability; protect choices

# 4 – Build incrementally, with quick coordinated learning cycles

# 5 – Base turning points on target assessment of working frameworks

# 6 – Visualize and farthest point WIP, lessen clump sizes and oversee line lengths

# 7 – Apply rhythm, synchronize with cross-area arranging

# 8 – Unlock the natural inspiration of information labourers

# 9 – Decentralize basic leadership

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What’s On The Cards?

The cards are straightforward, twofold sided playing cards.

The front of the card introduces the guideline in a basic, short configuration that:

Develops the title of the standard to show the advantage of applying it

Includes a short portrayal of the guideline as an announcement with which you can without much of a stretch concur or oppose this idea

Includes a basic statement or apothegm to breath life into the rule.

Here are the cards for the first and last of the nine standards:

# 1 – Take a financial view:

Conveying the best esteem and quality for individuals and society in the most limited reasonable lead time requires a crucial comprehension of the financial aspects of building frameworks. It’s important that ordinary choices are made in a legitimate financial setting. The essential angles incorporate creating and imparting the methodology for incremental esteem conveyance and making the Value Stream Economic Framework. This characterizes the exchange offs between hazard, Cost of Delay (CoD), and operational and improvement costs, while supporting decentralized basic leadership.

# 2 – Apply frameworks considering:

Deming watched that the issues looked in the work environment require a comprehension of the frameworks that laborers utilize. Also, a framework is mind boggling. It has numerous interrelated segments (individuals and procedures) that have characterized, shared objectives. To enhance, everybody must comprehend and focus on the motivation behind the framework. Advancing one segment does not enhance the entirety. In SAFe, frameworks believing is connected to the association that assembles the framework, and additionally to the framework a work in progress. It additionally recognizes how that framework works in its end-client condition.

# 3 – Assume changeability; protect choices:

Conventional outline and life cycle hones support picking a solitary plan and-prerequisites choice right off the bat in the advancement procedure. In any case, if that beginning stage isn’t right, at that point future modifications take too long and can prompt an imperfect long haul plan.

# 4 – Build incrementally, with quick coordinated learning cycles :

Create arrangements incrementally in a progression of short emphasess. Every emphasis results in an incorporated addition of a working framework. Consequent cycles expand on the past ones. Additions permit quick client input and hazard alleviation. They likewise may end up least practical items (MVPs) or models for advertise testing and approval.

# 5 – Base turning points on target assessment of working frameworks :

Entrepreneurs, designers, and clients have a mutual duty to guarantee that interest in new arrangements will convey monetary advantage. The successive, stage entryway advancement display was intended to address this difficulty, yet encounter demonstrates that it doesn’t relieve hazard as expected.

# 6 – Visualize and farthest point WIP, lessen clump sizes, and oversee line lengths :

Lean endeavors endeavor to accomplish a condition of persistent stream, where new framework abilities move rapidly and noticeably from idea to money. There are three keys to actualizing stream:

1. Envision and point of confinement the measure of work in process (WIP) to constrain request to genuine limit.
2. Diminish the clump sizes of work to encourage quick and solid course through the framework.
3. Oversee line lengths to diminish the sit tight occasions for new capacities

# 7 – Apply rhythm, synchronize with cross-area arranging:

Rhythm makes consistency and gives a musicality to improvement. Synchronization makes numerous viewpoints be comprehended, settled, and incorporated in the meantime. Applying improvement rhythm and synchronization, combined with intermittent cross-space arranging, gives the instruments expected to work adequately within the sight of vulnerability, natural in item advancement.

# 8 – Unlock the natural inspiration of information laborers:

Lean-Agile pioneers comprehend that ideation, development, and the commitment of learning laborers can’t for the most part be roused by singular motivating force pay. All things considered, singular destinations cause inside rivalry and demolish the participation important to accomplish the bigger point of the framework.

# 9 – Decentralize basic leadership:

Accomplishing quick esteem conveyance requires quick, decentralized basic leadership. This lessens delays, enhances item advancement stream, empowers speedier criticism, and makes more creative arrangements by those nearest to the nearby learning. Nonetheless, a few choices are key, worldwide, and have economies of scale that legitimize unified basic leadership. Since the two sorts of choices happen, making a dependable basic leadership system is a basic advance in guaranteeing a quick stream of significant worth.

It is our conviction that they are clear as crystal and introduced in a way that makes it simple for the peruser to state regardless of whether they concur with the feeling communicated. Look again at the cards. Given the data introduced would you be set up to join to them?

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