SEO & SEM Master I™

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How do you manage paid marketing? How can you make the most of your investments with advertisements, whether page ads or video? What about the ever-elusive SEO and SEM? The Paid Marketing Master sub-course covers all you need to know about paid marketing and more.

Learning Goals

  • What is SEO & SEM and how to use them effectively to increase the reach of your brand.
  • How to use Google Ads, understand them, and utilize them to their full effectiveness.
  • What display ads are, how to make them, and how to use them most effectively./li>

Target Audience

  • Data analysts who need to learn SEO & SEM and how to use data gleaned from it.

What is SEO? How do companies use it to reach new consumers? What is the ‘science’ behind it, and why is it important?

Principles of SEO

  • Inbound and Outbound Strategies
  • Digital Media Examples
  • Traditional vs. Digital Marketing
  • Principles of DMI’s 3i Methodology
  • Digital Channels

How to use it effectively

  • Competitive Research Platforms and Tools
  • Industry Trend Research
  • Digital Research

Understanding how it works

  • Audience Research
  • Social Listening Platforms
  • Social Listening and Audience Research Tools

Basics of SEM

SEM is similar to SEO, but the differences lie in the strategy of reach: SEM is paid, while SEO is organic. How can you effectively balance budget with the advantages SEM provides over SEO?

Principles of SEM

  • Benets of Content Marketing
  • Types of Content
  • Content Alignment with the Buyer’s Journey
  • Community Management
  • Content Marketing Strategy

How to use it effectively

  • Content Marketing Goals
  • Content/Business Goal Alignment
  • Customer Personas
  • Content Topics
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Management Systems

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