SEO & SEM Master II™

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Understanding SEO & SEM is important, but how do you utilize it effectively to ensure your efforts and budget are in the right place? This sub-course teaches how to use SEO & SEM to its full potential and how to harvest and use their relevant analytical data.

Learning Goals

  • How to use SEO & SEM properly to achieve best results. How to harvest and utilize analytical data gathered from SEO & SEM campaigns

Target Audience

  • Marketers unfamiliar with SEO & SEM who need to create and cultivate a wider audience
  • Data analysts who need to learn SEO & SEM and how to use data gleaned from it.

WUtilizing SEO & SEM

Knowing SEO & SEM and utilizing SEO & SEM effectively are two entirely different things to master. Here you’ll learn how to use it to its full potential and garner the best returns possible.

How to use it

  • Benets of Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketer Responsibilities
  • The Buyer’s Journey Stages
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Key Terminology

Best Practices

  • Hashtag Usage Best Practices
  • Twitter Content Best Practices

Advertising your website with SEO & SEM

  • Instagram for a Business
  • Snapchat for a Business
  • Instagram Content Best Practices
  • Snapchat Content Best Practices

Understanding SEO & SEM Data

With SEO & SEM, a major component of them are the analytics gleaned from their usage. It may seem intimidating at rst, but in this chapter, you’ll have learned the ins-and-outs of the data and how to use it to your advantage.

Finding data

  • Paid and Organic Search
  • Key SEO Components
  • Search Engine Introduction
  • Common Search Query Types
  • SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)

Using the data

  • Keyword Research Benets
  • Short and Long Tail Keywords
  • Conduct Keyword Research
  • Convert Keywords into SEO Content

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