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Every successful marketer who’s ever lived knows that word-of-mouth advertising trumps all when it comes to generating new business. In today’s digital world, customer reviews are the new word of mouth. 

In this document, I’m going to cover the major ways in which you can get online customer reviews about your company and your products and services across various platforms.

Google-Specific Tactics 

Google still ranks #1 for all search engine tools; having plenty of reviews to tell first-time potential customers how great you are will get users to click on you instead of your competitors.

  1. Verify Your Business. Verifying your business on Google will let your reviews pop up in map searches, and it will allow you to respond to reviews, and responding to all reviews is really important.
  1. Always Have Your Google Page as Part of Your Email Signature 

By placing a link to your Google Page, you can drive more traffic there, and thus, more reviews.


1. Interact with healthcare industry-focused groups

By joining groups, you can also participate in forums, which can help to circulate your name and increase overall visibility. You can also create groups. Start by asking colleagues/employees to join, and then extend membership to your patients/clients. This also provides an energetic marketing momentum.

Create and publish posts, engage with your audience and after customers use your services, you can request them to write testimonials.

  1. Ask for recommendations. Ask your clients to write referrals, which will then be visible on your home profile page. This authentic feedback can be a way to sell your business. The referrals remain visible until you or the supplier opts to remove them.


  1. Send Email Requests: Again, this is all about asking. Don’t be afraid to send out an email campaign with the sole message being “Let us know what you think- Leave us a Review!” These emails should include links to your profiles on the platforms you want to focus on. Sometimes, using segmented lists of high-value clients or emailing individual clients directly with personalized emails can get you the best results.
  1. Improve Response rate and Click rate: The asset given shows a 0% response rate and 1% click rate which is very low. So, in order to increase the response rate and click rate, we can do the following while sending invite link through email
    • Remove Inactive subscribers or send them re-engagement campaigns from time to time
    • Send personalized messages to your contacts instead of sending the same email to all users
    • Send emails on the weekends, as they will take us to the best response time.
    • Create catchy subject lines while sending emails
    • Use the Preview Text Effectively as it gives a snapshot of your email which in turn helps to boost your email marketing click rate by cueing the open.
    • Optimize emails for mobile phones as about 67% of users use mobile phones to search their inboxes, and this figure would rise, think about making your emails mobile-friendly


Approved businesses can create Customer Feedback Cards questions and collect customer responses using one of the services in Twitter’s customer service solution providers.

Currently, Customer Feedback Cards enable you to ask 2 questions: a customer satisfaction question, or a Net Promoter® question.

  1. How would you rate your experience with BookJane?
  2. How likely are you to recommend BookJane to a friend? 

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