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Extend Agility Beyond the Team with Lean Thinking and the Portfolio Kanban

Introduction The Agile Method is an approach to project management that is designed to help development teams effectively that characterize the creation of new software applications. Continuous Software Engineering and DevOps studies are also the examples of how the software development domain is approaching aspects of agility beyond software development teams. A SAFe portfolio is a […]

How Business Agile Can Increase the Effectiveness of Your Team

Introduction Agile not only transform an organization’s approach to software development, but also enterprise departmental functions, project management practices, and product development. To survive an ever-changing environment, creating more innovative, cross-functional, and multidisciplinary teams that generate growth and effective skill sets has become important across the entire organization. Taking an Agile approach can boost self-organization and also […]

Scrum at Scale and business agility

Scrum at Scale Does one size really fit all?  Experience tells us that this is hardly the case, which is why Scrum at Scale is built with flexibility and customizability in mind.  From Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, Scrum at Scale transforms organizations into Agile enterprises.  The Scrum at Scale framework is the brainchild of […]

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