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12 DevOps Skills That A DevOps Engineer Should Master

Introduction There is no definite definition for a DevOps engineer. DevOps engineer is anyone who works in DevOps culture. Well, the main objective of a DevOps engineer is to oversee the code releases. For that, he will work with software developers, testers, system operators, etc. to be successful DevOps engineer. DevOps also emphasizes the key […]

Three Leadership “Musts” for DevOps

Introduction DevOps has become more than a trend—it’s a survival imperative for the enterprise. In today’s digital economy, software innovation drives business innovation.  The faster developers can deliver on the next sign of software innovation, the faster the business can deliver customer value, bring new revenue brook online, and respond to market events. DevOps practices […]

7 Ways to Get Started with DevOps Today

Introduction Transitioning to a DevOps approach can be a confusing and formidable prospect. Looking at organizations that practice DevOps, we may see a completely foreign country with a different organizational structure, practices, and a formation of new DevOps tools for us to learn. It’s easy to forget that those companies took a long time to […]

How to Become a DevOps Engineer

INTRODUCTION Although DevOps is one of the fastest growing careers in information technology today, there is savage competition for the steadily growing number of positions in the field. DevOps is a complicated philosophy, but can be understood as a focus to automate a company’s information technology infrastructure while managing and deploying new system frameworks. To […]

Adopt a DevOps Culture

Building a culture that allows for rapid innovation at all levels. Sitting with a developer from Github at an AWS conference a few years ago, I watched in awe as he reviewed the company’s continuous deployment philosophy and process. The concept was amazing; construct your projects in such a way that you can deploy anytime […]


What is DevOps? DevOps is an arrangement of practices that robotizes the procedures between programming advancement and IT groups, all together that they can manufacture, test, and discharge programming speedier and all the more dependable. The idea of DevOps is established on building a culture of a coordinated effort between teams that verifiably worked in […]

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