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What is Agile HR?

INTRODUCTION Agile is rapidly emerging as the new working standard in our complex world. Across the globe, organizations and teams are redesigning how they work in response to change in their market, and the need to gain competitive advantage through digital innovation. The involvement of Agile for Human Resources are enormous. Current HR and people […]

The 3 Best Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Resources for Beginners

Introduction Scaled Agile Framework, also known as SAFe, is an enterprise-scale development framework. It uses a combination of existing lean and agile principles and combines them into a framework for large-scale projects. SAFe is designed not so much as a single methodology, but as a broad knowledge base of proven best practices that real teams […]

The evolving role of managers in lean-agile development

Lean Agile Development Agile and Lean are wildly developed in the product development space for helping teams deliver quicker and all the more reasonably. By accessing information related with a last year’s Lean Business Report, we found that most teams rehearsing Lean and Agile don’t have a clear understanding of the differences or similitudes between the […]

Train Lean-Agile Change Agents

The capacity to considerably enhance improvement practices is the way to progress. Change is nearby. For those who follow the demonstrated basic moves distinguished in the SAFe Implementation Road map, this article portrays the second step in that arrangement: Train Lean-Agile Change Agents. Members will find out about:   The changing business landscape and how […]

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