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What is Spiral Model? When to Use? Advantages & Disadvantages

Software Development life cycle (SDLC) is a process used in Project Management to undertake different stages and tasks involved in phases of writing code and deploying software. SDLC Describes the software development processes from Initial planning (Requirement) through maintenance and eventual retirement the complete application. A Goal of SDLC is too quick and efficiently produces […]

Why Release Management

Introduction Discharge ought to be a non-occasion, however generally in ventures discharge is a colossal occasion, and influences imperative inclination to individuals who see next to no about what really is getting discharged get in space to settle on choices on when and what ought to be discharged. This occurs because of two basic issues […]

What is Project Scope?

Introduction Extension alludes to the nitty gritty arrangement of expectations or highlights of an undertaking. These expectations are gotten from a venture’s necessities. PMBOK® characterizes Project Scope as “The work that should be refined to convey an item, administration, or result with the predetermined highlights and capacities.” What is the scope? The degree includes getting […]

Software Development Process

It’s entirely clear that innovation is quickening at a fast pace and people are winding up encourage subject to it for each reason. Also, with each new day, programming improvement is ending up increasingly significant since the interest in programming is quickly ascending from each corner possible. Actually, relatively every machine that we utilize can […]

Qualities of a Successful Scrum Master

In this day and age, dexterous strategies are picking up prominence among IT undertakings. These systems, including Scrum, have added to quicker market times, more prominent adaptability, higher quality items, and consumer loyalty. In the scrum procedure, the item proprietor makes a list of things to get, and the venture group separates the rundown to […]


We may not ordinarily think about a Scrum Master  in an indistinguishable breath from acing delicate abilities however, an ongoing dialog with peers lead me to think about this. In 2017, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland looked to refresh the Scrum Values archive, and together in a video, they talked about the progressions they were […]

A Brief History of Scrum

In the early-mid 80’s, two people named Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka wanted a better strategy for building products. They defined a flexible and all-inclusive strategy where the development team works as a coordinated unit to reach the common goal. They described this innovative approach as the “Rugby Approach”. Scrum is not only one of […]

Adaptive software development

Introduction Abstract the concept of agile process models has attained great popularity in software (SW) development community in the last few years. Agile models promote fast development. Fast development has certain drawbacks, such as weak documentation and performance for medium and large development projects. Fast development also promotes the use of agile process models in […]

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