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Boost Your IT Career with the Top SAFe® Certifications

INTRODUCTION If you’re aiming at gaining enhanced knowledge on Scaled Agile Framework and other product development principles, a SAFe certification is definitely the best choice for you. A prior knowledge of Scrum and a 5-year experience in software development, project management, testing, business analysis, or product management will help with a better understanding in the […]

Become a Scaled Agile SAFe Program Consultant/Trainer !

The SAFe Program Consultant Trainer program was introduced by Scaled Agile, it provides a platform for talented individuals who demonstrate capabilities of superior knowledge in providing the agile principles in an enterprise. (SPC’s) are people who combine their technical knowledge of SAfe with true motivation to improve the organization’s development process. Till now 60% of […]

An HR playbook for successful SAFe implementation

Introduction As an organization builds speed for a SAFe implementation, it rapidly winds up clear that significant change is included. Without due consideration, this awareness of looming change breeds fear and uncertainty with respect to those affected by the change. That can be practically every employee. In any change program, particularly one this broad, the […]

Right-sizing features for SAFe Program increments

Introduction One of the key activities that will help make your SAFe® program a success is the cautious arrangement of your Features prior to Program Increment (PI) planning. Also, one essential part of this readiness is to slice up any of the focused-on Features that are too large to even think about being effectively delivered […]

Design for Testability: A vital aspect of the system Architect role in SAFe

Introduction The system architect role is vital to the successful definition, design, delivery, and support of any IT project. A system architect examination and suggests the correct blend of IT components to accomplish a particular business, department, team, or functional goal. They impartially investigate wanted processes and results and advice on the correct mix of […]

SAFe being a Scaled Agile Framework, not a Scaled Agile methodology

Introduction To start with, what’s the difference between a framework and a methodology? A methodology is a lot of principles, tools, and practices which can be used to guide processes to achieve a particular goal. A framework is a loose but incomplete structure which leaves space for different practices and tools to be included but […]

How to get started with SAFe

Introduction As the world’s leading structure for scaling Agile over the project, the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) engages complex organizations to accomplish the advantages of Lean-Agile software and frameworks development at scale. Since 2011, hundreds of the world’s biggest organizations have found its advantages: quicker time-to- market, dramatic increments in productivity and quality, and increasingly […]

Why SAFe

Why do Businesses Need SAFe? Endeavors must figure out how to adjust rapidly to changing innovation and financial conditions or they will end up wiped out, regardless of their size, smarts, or quality. This remains constant notwithstanding for organizations that don’t see themselves as Information Technology (IT) or programming organizations. Proficient administrations, money related administrations, […]

Scaled Agile Marketing using SAFe

What does Scaled Agile Marketing mean? In this way, accepting you’re supposing Agile Marketing can assist you with a portion of your promoting challenges and there’s a decent chance to make a move at the present time, and there are a few reasons you think you have to think about some scaling angles, how about […]

Scrum Vs SAFe

Not at all like Scrum, SAFe is a solution to cover whole associations. It is the ideal procedure for embracing Agile at an undertaking scale and outlined in the groundbreaking strategy, maybe. Consider it this way — Scrum is to the Agile group as SAFe is to the Agile project. SAFe was produced with an end goal […]

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