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Top 5 Career Paths for Scrum Masters

Introduction A scrum master has knowledge about both scrum and agile. For career progression, any role can be chosen from the available options. If someone is a scrum master or thinking to follow the career choice, then career path is a must. A scrum master want to know what ladder is expected to climb and […]

Daily Scrum: Not Just for Scrum Masters

Introduction The Daily Scrum is not just for the Scrum Master. Instead of a “status meeting” for the manager, it should be seen as a forum where team members are synchronizing their work. We prefer to think of the daily scrum as a synchronization meeting. Team members are synchronizing their work: Here’s what we did […]

Should Scrum Teams Include a Stretch Goal In Their Sprints?

Introduction Some teams use something called stretch goals or stretch stories to highlight product backlog products they will accomplish if they finish their sprint commitments early. Stretch goals are frequently used as a way to satisfy stakeholders without fully committing to the work. In some ways, it’s more real to call it out as a “stretch […]

The most common Scrum mistakes and How to avoid them

INTRODUCTION Today, companies are becoming a part of the massive technological leapfrogging through some of the popular agile methodologies. When we talk about Agile, people think of “Scrum” naturally. Scrum is the most widely used framework among the popular organizations. These organizations leverage Agile and Scrum methods for a disciplined project management practice, as Agile […]

The Most Important Scrum Artifacts and Their Best Uses in Real-time Projects

INTRODUCTION In Scrum, artifacts are “information radiators” and they serve to capture the shared understanding of the team at a particular point in time. In a co-located Scrum team, artifacts play a key role for the team to reflect themselves on how they are doing with the sprint goal. Artifacts defined by Scrum are specifically […]

Scrum will change your organization!

Introduction Scrum can help a lot in making your production seamless and organized. Using Scrum, you will be able to give your clients the best kinds of products which can make them be faithful to your brand. When delivering a Professional Scrum Master training or helping clients creating awesome products with Scrum, some people ask […]

The Basics of Scrum

Introduction Before we head towards Scrum practices, let’s understand what Scrum is and the Scrum team. Scrum is an agile way to manage a project. Agile software development with Scrum is frequently seen as a methodology; yet rather than review Scrum as methodology, consider it a framework for dealing with a managing Process. Scrum depends […]

Challenges in Applying Scrum and How to Overcome Them

Introduction Scrum is lightweight and simple in its setting. Mastering it isn’t so simple and it will surely require time and effort. Embracing a DevOps practice begins with understanding where you are in the implementation journey. You will be given basic standards and practices to begin with Scrum. When you start applying it, real life […]

What to do when Scrum doesn’t work?

Introduction Scrum, presumably, is a standout among the most suitable and conceivably pertinent ways to deal with overseeing software development projects. Being an agile methodology, Scrum has numerous focal points and that is the reason an expanding number of organizations in the ongoing past have either executed or have been expecting to actualize Scrum; in […]

What soft skills does a good scrum master need?

Introduction The role of a scrum master is perhaps the most underrated and least understood by all who are new to Agile. While some confuse the role of a Scrum Master to that of a Project Manager, others underestimate the importance of a Scrum Master to the success of a project. Scrum masters possess a […]

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