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Does Scrum Apply To All Types Of Projects?

Introduction Probably this is one of the most frequently asked questions in relation to implementation of Scrum and still baffles everyone. The old school of Scrum was very anxious about Scrum being used beyond software development. And it’s a regular question googled in relation to the adaption of scrum methodology, and still people are confused whether […]

What is the role of a Project Manager in Scrum Team?

Scrum Master vs. Project Manager: How are they different? In answer to your question about project managers, there is no project manager role in scrum. The duties of a project manager get split between the product owner, scrum master and the development team. Often, we come across these two words in industries – Scrum Master […]

A Better Way Of Building Products

Scrum is a structure inside which individuals can address complex versatile issues, while gainfully and inventively delivering results of the most astounding conceivable esteem. Scrum itself is a basic structure for powerful group joint effort on complex items. Scrum co-makers Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland have composed The Scrum Guide to clarify Scrum unmistakably and […]

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