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The Development Team in Scrum – Just Developers or a Real Team?

Introduction The Development Team forms an integral part of a Scrum team. Scrum recognizes that small teams are good and essential for self-organization to be effective. It acknowledges if a team is too small it may struggle to be cross-functional. It makes a recommendation towards teams between 3 and 9 being the optimum. At the Sprint […]

Should Scrum Teams Include a Stretch Goal In Their Sprints?

Introduction Some teams use something called stretch goals or stretch stories to highlight product backlog products they will accomplish if they finish their sprint commitments early. Stretch goals are frequently used as a way to satisfy stakeholders without fully committing to the work. In some ways, it’s more real to call it out as a “stretch […]


We may not ordinarily think about a Scrum Master  in an indistinguishable breath from acing delicate abilities however, an ongoing dialog with peers lead me to think about this. In 2017, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland looked to refresh the Scrum Values archive, and together in a video, they talked about the progressions they were […]

Product Backlog and Prioritization

Introduction In the least difficult definition, the Scrum Product Backlog is just a rundown of everything that should be done inside the project. It replaces the conventional prerequisites particular curios. The proprietor of the Scrum Product Backlog is the Scrum Product Owner. The Scrum Master, the Scrum Team and different Stakeholders contribute it to have […]

Scrum Master Job Descriptions and Responsibilities In Agile

Agile can be approximately portrayed as an arrangement of predefined principles or qualities that are utilized to manage software development. A standout among the most utilized Agile frameworks is called Scrum and is best utilized for small teams of developers who split their work into cycles, likewise referred to as sprints, with the aim of […]

Everything you need to know about CSM Certification

Coordinated programming conditions are increasing tremendous development in this day and age. As per the Scrum Guides site, “Scrum has been received by a huge measure of programming improvement organizations around the globe.” Most of the organizations like Ericsson, Microsoft and Specify are utilizing Scrum to self-arrange their teams. From the investigation of almost 5,400 […]

A Sprint Retrospective- the Ideal way to Start Agile

Regardless of whether you didn’t do whatever else however just Sprint Retrospective, you will see enormous enhancements in your procedure or method for working. That is, regardless of whether you were not doing any of Sprint Planning, Sprint Backlogging, Product Backlogging, Sprint Reviewing or even Daily Stand Upping, you would do, by doing only one […]

Agile Project Management:Three Steps to Better Sprint Planning and Execution

What is Agile Project Management?  Agile Project management centres around constant change, scope adaptability, team effort, and delivering fundamental quality products. Agile project administration approaches incorporate scrum as a structure, extreme programming (XP) for working in quality forthright, and lean reasoning to wipe out waste. What is an Agile process? Agile Development” is an umbrella […]

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