Train Lean-Agile Change Agents

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The capacity to considerably enhance improvement practices is the way to progress. Change is nearby. For those who follow the demonstrated basic moves distinguished in the SAFe Implementation Road map, this article portrays the second step in that arrangement: Train Lean-Agile Change Agents.

Members will find out about:


  • The changing business landscape and how to understand it
  • What Agile is and how to apply Agile reasoning to change programs
  • The 3 stage Lean Change Cycle — Insights, Options and Experiments
  • Step by step instructions to apply Agile and Lean strategies to existing Change Management approaches
  • Distinctive exercises that cover the planning, engagement and delivery phases of progress programs
  • Comprehend the changing idea of leadership
  • Figure out how to utilize Lean Change to cooperatively deliver change
  • See how a responsive mind set and agile toolbox helps change.

What you get

  • Set of Lean Change Management streak
  • A duplicate of Jason Little’s Lean Change Management book
  • A Certificate of Participation
  • Access to progressing support, shared learning and investigating
  • Enrollment of the Global Lean Change Agent Network.
Agile-Aleph global scum team

Create SPCs as Change Agents

In many enterprises, the essential SAFe change operators show up on the scene as affirmed SPCs. Sourced inside and remotely, they originate from numerous jobs, including:

  • Trusted counselling accomplices
  • Internal business and innovation pioneers
  • Portfolio/program/venture directors
  • Architects
  • Analysts
  • Process drives

Their regular way to progress? The Implementing SAFe® with SPC accreditation class. This four-day course gets ready SPCs to wind up the change operators who lead the change. Participants will figure out how to successfully apply the standards and practices of SAFe and organize, train, and coach agile teams. They will likewise figure out how to distinguish Value Streams and Agile Release Trains (ARTs), dispatch ARTS, and help manufacture and deal with an agile portfolio.

Scaling Lean-Agile over the project—or any material change so far as that is concerned—requires preparing every one of the general population who take the necessary steps. To make it common-sense and savvy, Scaled Agile, Inc. bolsters a prepare the trainer fan-out model. It licenses to show various SAFe courses inside the endeavor. This gives a reasonable preparing methodology and arrangements the trainers expected to start and actualize the change.

More on Implementing SAFe® with SPC Certification

The objective of this concentrated four-day course is to get ready interior change operators and outside consultants to:

  • Lead a projects Lean-Agile change
  • Implement SAFe
  • Train managers and officials in Leading SAFe®

The initial two days of this class are an escalated variant of Leading SAFe®. The objective is to plan guaranteed SPCs to show Leading SAFe®.

These change specialists will pick up the information expected to lead a project wide agile change by utilizing SAFe and its fundamental standards of agile development, frameworks considering, and Lean product development flow. They’ll leave with a comprehension of how the standards and practices of SAFe help agile groups, agile projects, Lean Portfolio Management (LPM), and Agile Architecture.

The second two days exhibit how to distinguish, plan, and actualize SAFe. Also, participants will have the briefings, curios, and formats expected to distinguish value streams, set up the association, dispatch ARTs, plan and execute significant occasions, and actualize successful procedures and measures to support and progress.

Subsequent to passing an exam, participants end up confirmed SPCs, giving them access to an assortment of accommodating assets to be utilized in the change. They will likewise access online Trainer Ennoblement intends to fit the bill to educate and affirm others in Leading SAFe® and in addition different courses in the job based educational modules. Currently, these include:

  • SAFe® for Teams with SP certification
  • SAFe® Scrum Master with SSM certification
  • SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager with POPM certification

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