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During this pandemic it has become impossible to hold events face to face. However, it doesn’t mean people have stop holding events. Since, everyone is moving from traditional to digital media, a huge change has been brought in, in the field of marketing over a short period of time. Marketers have chosen to promote their products and services online.

Let’s see why promoting business digitally is becoming one of the top ways for marketers:-

  1. Operation cost is reduced. Virtual events don’t require much money and time to be spent on travel, hospitality, venues, food etc.
  2. Planning required to organize a virtual event involves less time and energy.
  3. It becomes easier for the people to attend online events since, they don’t have to travel from one place to another.
  4. Communication has become a lot easier. People can communicate with each from anywhere in the world via a virtual event.
  5. While conducting a virtual event, it becomes easier to find out how audience is engaging with your event.
  6. By holding a virtual event there are no restrictions on the number of people to be invited. In a live event it depends on the space of the venue booked, since it can accommodate specific number of people.
  7. Speakers with good communication skills can be arranged easily. People organizing the event live have to worry about inviting speakers to the country where the event will be conducted.
  8. The audience doesn’t have to buy tickets for the event, they just have to download the software through which the online event will conducted.

Six arrangements the marketers should deal with while developing schedule of virtual events include:

  1. A marketing automation platform
  2. An interactive webinar/live event platform
  3. Social scheduling and amplification tools
  4. Live chat and conversational marketing
  5. An event- and workflow-management platform
  6. Marketing attribution tools


The pandemic has made almost all businesses to promote their products and services online. Even though doing everything virtually has caused a little disruption but it has become more efficient  since less money, time, energy and planning are required in doing business online.

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