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Customers are an ultimate purchaser of each Solution. They are an essential part of the Lean-Agile development process and the Value Stream and have specific responsibilities in SAFe.

Regardless of whether inner or outside, customers are increasingly demanding. They have options. They anticipate that arrangements will function admirably and to unravel their present needs. They additionally anticipate that their answer suppliers will consistently enhance the nature of their products and administrations.


Customers offer help for SAFe standards and their dynamic commitment and nonstop support in arrangement development is fundamental for a successful business outcome.

A Great Agile Customer

  • Supports agile contracting. An extraordinary agile customer understands that for agile projects to succeed the agreement it should also be agile. Hence the customer embraces some demonstrated practices, such as concurring after purchasing sprints with an focus on business value, keep the degree adaptable, begin little and quick, makes due with an entire Scrum team, depict the issue rather than the arrangement and so on. Both the provider and the customer characterize their normal suspicions about business value, execution risks, exertion and expenses. Together they think about the best way to deal with build the product.
  • Makes the product vision and backlog together. An incredible agile customer talks about the product vision together with the provider, guarantees shared comprehension and support, and specialties a Product Vision Board around it. Together with the whole Scrum Team they setup the main adaptation of the product excess. This is an extraordinary exercise, notwithstanding when the client and provider haven’t settled upon the dexterous contract. Due this exertion they realize what joint effort feels like and the initial steps to building a reliable relationship are taken. The two gatherings would now be able to choose in the event that they truly need to team up with one another.
  • Joins the underlying estimation of the Product Backlog. An incredible coordinated customer composes a workshop to estimate the primary adaptation of the Product Backlog together with the Scrum group. They have a mentality and attitude that centers on shared comprehension. They regard each gauge of the Development Team and just have exchanges expected to enhance the Product Backlog. Leverage of this methodology is that the customer finds out about conceivable complexities or uncleanness and can answer questions specifically.
  • Begins small. An incredible agile customer comprehends that in spite of the fact that the product vision may envelop an enormous product, you better begin little. First concur after doing just a single sprint that delivers the main business value. See what the coordinated effort resembles, complete a Sprint Review together, and concur after doing another sprint. Concentrate on building the Minimal Viable Product, an analysis that shows everybody something that wasn’t known.
  • Goes to the Sprint Review. An extraordinary agile customer bolsters the Scrum team by going to the Sprint Review. They comprehend the Sprint Review is the perfect minute to assess the conveyed augmentation, and discharge it to generation if the Product Owner thinks that it’s sufficiently helpful. Nothing is more inspiration for a Development Team than a customer that is really connected with the development of the team and is anxious to see and talk about the outcomes.
  • Respects team stability. An extraordinary agile customer comprehends the different stages of team development and therefore knows the significance of team strength. He comprehends that each adjustment in team piece impacts the speed. On the off chance that changes are important, the team itself will follow up on it, never the customer. This is one vital approach to regard the self-authoritative intensity of the Development Team.
  • Respects team composition. An extraordinary agile customer makes due with the Scrum team all in all. He regards the present arrangement of the team and spotlights on the result. He comprehends the Scrum team genuinely is a team, not a cluster of people that can be rearranged without causes issues. Settled Scrum teams that have been cooperating for a more drawn out period, have encountered ups and downs, they know their qualities and shortcomings. A typical trap is to isolate this ‘brilliant team’ when another user/project arrives. Try not to do this. Keep the team together no matter what, it’s for you claim advantage.
  • Describes the issue rather than the solution. An incredible agile customer believes the Development Team to discover an answer for his ‘issue’. They are the specialists with the utilized innovation and have involvement with building the product the customer has at the top of the priority list. As a customer, you’ve picked the provider which is as it should be. Hence, it’s encouraged to mutually illuminate the issue to be tackled than portray the arrangement yourself.
  • Is available. An extraordinary agile customer is accessible for the Development Team. Accessible to answer questions, give essential data and go to the Sprint Review. An extraordinary client will likewise help refining the Product Backlog if the Scrum team welcomes him. He can clear up highlights and express the significance due which the Product Owner can arrange the build-up and the Development Team can examine the specialized arrangement and estimate the effort.
  • Gives a Product Owner. An incredible agile customer has a Product Owner accessible that can be a part of the providers Scrum team. This would be a perfect circumstance, in light of the fact that the Product Owner coherently realizes his organization best and ideally has enough orders to settle on quick choices.
  • Discards their business cards. An incredible agile customer discards all the business cards toward the beginning of the project. Notwithstanding when working with various providers, discard them all. An extraordinary customer comprehends the significance of joint effort and perceives the boundaries business cards/order can make.
  • Embraces change. An incredible agile customer comprehends the multifaceted nature and casualness of software development. He comprehends it’s tied in with investigating and finding the best arrangements. The working of the item is a voyage amid which everybody will learn. The best items will be the ones that insert these exercises scholarly and bits of knowledge. Along these lines the customer bolsters experimentation and makes a flop amicable condition. He doesn’t freeze when a misstep is made and confides in the team to take care of complex issues.
  • Doesn’t request point by point reports of time spend? An extraordinary agile customer centers on the business value a Development Team delivers. Not the explicit hours that were important. Before the sprint begins the customer and the team can examine the coveted result. The customer should bolster the team in accomplishing this outcome; this may be by helping evacuate conceivable obstructions or simply being accessible. At the point when the sprint results with the addition they went for, they praise the achievement together. At the point when the outcomes are somewhat disillusioning, they team up to talk about conceivable upgrades. They comprehend checking the hours spend by the Development Team is an exercise in futility and will just outcome in doubt.
  • Understands the structure and substance of the Product Backlog.

  • An extraordinary customer comprehends the Product Backlog doesn’t just comprise of ‘new highlights’. The Development Team likewise needs to take a shot at specialized development/engineering, specialized obligation and have some an opportunity to give bolster. An extraordinary customer comprehend the Product Backlog is requested considering need, hazard, learning, business value, exertion and so on. In this manner the Sprint Backlog will be an assortment of new highlights, development, refactoring and bolster. At last this will result in a steady, solid product and consequently likewise a cheerful customer.

Customer Responsibilities

Either face to face or as a substitute, customers satisfy the accompanying responsibilities:

  • Participate as a Business Owner in PI Planning
  • Attend the Solution Demo and perhaps System Demos; help assess the arrangement increase
  • Participate in Inspect and Adapt workshops; help with expelling some fundamental obstacles
  • Interact with examiners and topic specialists amid determination workshops
  • Collaboratively oversee degree, time, and different limitations with Product and Solution Management
  • Help characterize the Road map, Milestones, and Releases Communicate the monetary rationale behind the arrangement and help approve presumptions in the Economic Framework
  • Review the specialized and money related status of the arrangement
  • Participate in beta testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), and different types of arrangement approval

The Customer Is Part of the Value Stream

The Lean-Agile Mind-set stretches out past the development organization to envelop the whole esteem stream, which incorporates the customer.

Connecting with users in the development procedure relies upon the kind of arrangement and the user’s effect. For Example:

  • An inner customer asking for their IT office construct an application for them
  • An outside customer who’s the purchaser of a custom-fabricated offering

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