What are the core values of SAFe

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Core Values

The four Core Values of alignment, worked in quality, straightforwardness, and program execution speak to the central convictions that are vital to SAFe’s viability. These controlling standards help manage conduct and activity for everybody who partakes in a SAFe portfolio.


SAFe is wide and profound and dependent on both Lean and Agile standards. That is its establishment, yet what are its convictions?

SAFe maintains four Core Values: alignment, worked in quality, straightforwardness, and program execution, as represented in Figure 1 and portrayed in the accompanying segments.


Alignment is expected to keep pace with quick change, problematic aggressive powers, and geologically circulated groups. While engaged Agile Teams are great (even extraordinary), the duty regarding technique and alignment can’t rest with the consolidated sentiments of the groups, regardless of how great they are. Rather, alignment must depend on the Enterprise business destinations. Here are a portion of the ways how SAFe backings alignment:

  • It is upheld by clear lines of substance specialist, beginning with the portfolio and afterward resting basically with the Product and Solution Management jobs, and reaching out to the Product Owner job.
  • PI Objectives and Iteration Goals are utilized to convey desires and duties.

Rhythm and synchronization are connected to guarantee that things remain in alignment, or that they float just inside sensible monetary and time limits.

Built-in Quality

Built-in Quality guarantees that each addition of the arrangement reflects quality measures. Quality isn’t “included later.” Building quality in is an essential of Lean and stream; without it, the association will probably work with huge clumps of unsubstantiated, unvalidated work. Unreasonable revise and slower speeds are the reasonable outcomes. There can be no vagueness about the significance of implicit quality in vast scale frameworks. It is required.

safe-Aleph global scrum team


Put just, “you can’t scale awful code.” The Agile Manifesto absolutely centered around quality: “Persistent regard for specialized magnificence and great plan improves spryness” [2]. Tending to programming quality even with fast change requires developing powerful practices, and Extreme Programming (XP) rouses a great part of the structure’s direction:

  • Test-First: Test-Driven Development (TDD), Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD), and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD).
  • Constant Integration and Continuous Deployment.
  • Refactoring.
  • Match Work.
  • Aggregate possession.


Be that as it may, coding aside, nobody can scale horrible segments or frameworks, either. Equipment components—gadgets, electrical, fluidics, optics, mechanical, bundling, warm, and some more—are significantly less “delicate.” Errors here can present a substantially higher expense of progress and adjust. Tips to maintain a strategic distance from this include:

  • Visit configuration cycles and mix [3].
  • Collective outline hones.
  • Demonstrate Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).
  • Set-Based Design (SBD).
  • Interest being developed and test foundation

System Integration

In the long run, extraordinary parts and subsystems—programming, firmware, equipment, and everything else—must team up to give successful arrangement level practices. Practices that help arrangement level quality include:

  • Visit framework and arrangement level combination.
  • Arrangement level testing of practical and Nonfunctional Requirements. Framework and Solution Demos.


Undertakings utilize SAFe to assemble a portion of the world’s biggest and most essential frameworks, huge numbers of which have unsuitable social or monetary expenses of disappointment. Securing people in general wellbeing regularly requires applying broad administrative or client oversight and thorough consistence prerequisites. Keeping that in mind, SAFe endeavours that fabricate high confirmation frameworks characterize their endorsed practices, arrangements, and strategies in a Lean Quality Management System (QMS).


Arrangement advancement is hard. Things turn out badly or don’t work out as arranged. Without transparency, actualities are dark and result in choices dependent on theoretical presumptions and absence of information. Nobody can settle a mystery.

  • Officials, Portfolio Managers, and different partners can see the Portfolio Kanban and program overabundances, and they have a reasonable comprehension of the PI targets for every ART or Solution Train.
  • Expressions have perceivability into the backlogs excesses, too other program backlogs.

Program Execution

Obviously, none of whatever remains of SAFe issues if groups can’t execute and ceaselessly convey esteem. In this way, SAFe places an extreme spotlight on working frameworks and business results. History demonstrates to us that while numerous ventures begin the change with Agile groups, they frequently wind up disappointed as even those groups battle to convey more generous measures of arrangement esteem dependably and productively.

That is the manner in which the fruitful groups and projects are doing it, and that is the reason they are getting the numerous advantages—representative commitment, profitability, quality, and time to advertise—that Lean-Agile endeavours so appreciate.


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