What does creating backlinks mean in Digital marketing?

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A backlink is any “incoming” or “inbound” link to your website.  This means that anytime someone links from their website to your website, they have created a “backlink.”  Backlinks are an important part of search engine optimization, which is why we create entire link building campaigns that are focused on increasing the number and quality of incoming “backlinks” to your website.

Backlink building is part of off page activity in SEO.

Creating backlink is nothing but building authority on internet in Googles Eye. Everyone says that more backlink your website has the more authority you gain. But after Google’s Panda update it is somewhat different. You should have more backlink that’s for sure but you have to make sure that those backlinks are from relevant website or blog which matches with your services or with your content and that too those blogs or website authority should be good in order to pass link juice from that domain to your domain.

There are many types we can create backlink. By Blog commenting, Guest Posting, Social Bookmarking.

Remember We need to maintain ratio of Follow and nofollow backlinks. To avoid spam warning by Google.

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