what is scaled agile

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The Scaled Agile Framework, created by methodologist Dean Leffingwell, utilizes a blend of existing lean and spry standards and consolidates them into a philosophy for substantial scale ventures.

SAFe incorporates Team, Program, and Portfolio forms. At the Team level, the methods illustrated are those utilized as a part of scrum, prescribing fourteen-day run cycles. At the Program level, SAFe broadens scrum by utilizing similar thoughts however one level up. The Program level chips away at a Release Train, which is made out of five dash cycles. There’s likewise a 6th advancement arranging run, which enables groups to advance, investigate, and adjust. Parts and procedures are characterized at the Program level, which takes into account consistency and cooperation over the task. SAFe likewise gives forms one level higher, at the Portfolio level, utilizing lean standards, for example, advancing quality streams to encourage officials and pioneers distinguish and organize legends, and highlights that can be separated at the Program level and planned on Release Trains.


SAFe is a spry structure for programming improvement. It gives a basic, lightweight ordeal for the improvement group. The entire system is isolated into three sections Team, Program and Portfolio. We will see this in detail later on. SAFe permits group for,

. Executing Lean-Agile programming and frameworks in big business level

. It depends on Lean and Agile standards.

. It gives point by point direction for work at the endeavor Portfolio, Value Stream, Program, and Team.

.It’s intended to address the issues of all partners inside an association.

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What is Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD)?

Taught Agile Delivery, created by Scott Ambler and Mark Lines, is like SAFe in that it suggests utilizing existing lean and spry systems. Father, be that as it may, expects to address territories that aren’t completely shrouded in littler scale nimble structures. This system prescribes three stages: Inception, Construction, and Transition. While numerous nimble structures address what DAD names the Construction stage, DAD gives proposals on forms that come before in the undertaking (origin) and as groups get ready for conveyance (change). Therefore, DAD’s qualities are in giving more direction in the regions of engineering and outline (origin) and DevOps (change).

Father additionally gives adaptability in recommending distinctive process rules for four classes of lifecycles: deft/fundamental, lean/progressed, persistent conveyance, and exploratory. The Construction period of lithe/fundamental is scrum, yet DAD, as in every one of the four lifecycles, includes proposals for the Inception and Transition stages. The lean/progressed lifecycle utilizes forms like Kanban, boosting stream and limiting work in process. The constant conveyance lifecycle centers around develop DevOps, ceaseless coordination, and sending forms for ventures that require visit conveyance to partners. The exploratory lifecycle limits early arranging for quick conveyance, picking up input, and joining that criticism into the following conveyance.

Pros and cons of each framework

SAFe has been censured for being excessively prescriptive, not permitting groups as much adaptability in process choices. A few pundits feel that SAFe isn’t unadulterated deft in light of the fact that there is more forthright arranging and some best down procedures. Having excessively process definition suggests an absence of adaptability in approach, which conflicts with one of the essential coordinated qualities of versatility.

Despite the fact that dexterous idealists may feel this approach is excessively organized, that might be precisely what’s required for the individuals who are changing from a more customary condition, particularly with regards to a bigger task. A typical disappointment for light-footed appropriation is the trouble in presenting such a noteworthy social change to an association. SAFe gives the structure that may make for a smoother progress to a light-footed system. SAFe additionally takes after nimble practices of reviewing and adjusting, notwithstanding giving an advancement dash and focusing on independence and basic leadership for the learning specialists.

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