As an independent medical practitioner, you’re always looking for cost-effective ways to register new patients in your office. There are a number of sustainable, and long-term growth marketing strategies suitable for healthcare that you must consider. These will give you a platform to display your practice, expose you to a wider audience and ultimately bring […]

Digital Marketing Strategy -authors/writers

Marketing is said to be the lifeline to any business. Even if you have a super technical product out in the market you will need to take its place in the B2B market. The same goes with the very creative side of all the creative genres, the writing. Authors and writers need to put out […]

A Digital Marketing Plan for Small Businesses

A Simple yet Comprehensive Guide Introduction In today’s world, everything is digital. People are constantly on social media, now so more than ever before as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Small businesses may find it challenging to navigate the intricate digital landscape they suddenly find themselves immersed in. This is why it is crucial […]

Digital Marketing plan for Digital and Printable Graphics

So you have decided to launch a business that sells digital and printable postcards, birthday cards, templates, etc. The first thought you get is to attend business and trade events in hopes that you will land a major deal with one of the traders which is essential for a business like this but if you […]

Digital Marketing Plan for Bakery

In 2021 every business needs an online presence. If your business is not active on social media, you are missing out on a large customer base.  According to a Cornell University study, 59 percent of chain restaurants and 79 percent of independent restaurants use social media. After the impact of Covid-19, the use of social […]

Digital Marketing Plan – Sport Franchises

How … to hit a home run with your brand? Or to dunk your way into the industry? Or to score a hat trick your way to the top? Or whichever sport you resonate with… The main focus of sports marketing is generating brand loyalty. It is an industry that has been constantly changing. Organizations […]

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