Aleph Global Scrum Team


At ALEPH Technologies, we are the Global Scrum Team that emerged from humble beginnings in 2014. Founded in Dallas, TX, our CEO, disillusioned with the constraints of larger companies, embarked on a mission to find a better way. The answer came in the form of the Agile Manifesto, and thus, ALEPH Technologies was born.

Our Journey

From facilitating Agile certification workshops in partnership with Scrum Alliance,, and Scaled Agile, we've grown our reach and services. Today, our offerings span Agile training, consulting, transformation services, and certification courses, extending our impact across 5 continents.

A Vision for the Future

Diversifying our portfolio beyond Agile methodologies, we now provide comprehensive assistance with Agile transformations, employee training, leadership guidance, and digital transformations. Reflecting our global presence, we've evolved into ALEPH - Global Scrum Team.

Our Guiding Principles

TRAIN: To disseminate knowledge and application far and wide.

TRANSFORM: To implement knowledge and overcome the hard knocks of habit and vice.

PERFORM:To strive to do better.

EVOLVE: Always improve.